Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 26

August 21 - My second to the last check-up with Lola OB. Yes! I'll be going back to Philippines next month to have my baby delivered there. I was checked for presence of bacteria in my vagina and will be getting the result on September 14. Baby is growing fine and malikot as usual.

This time I requested Lola OB for a medical certificate (in English) since I need it for my air travel and also for my check-up in the Philippines. I had to pay 5,000 yen for the document. I know it's mahalia but I need it. Pikit mata na lang na bayaran. I'll be getting it a week before my flight.

I just remembered a comment from Fiel-kun (one of the three readers of my blog) asking if I'm going to give birth here in Japan and if my child will be a Japanese citizen. They're not the exact words but somehow related to that. Anyways I will be giving birth in the Philippines because of the following reasons:

- By the time I'll be giving birth winter is approaching here in Japan and I wouldn't want to risk my baby's health as well as mine. We might not bear the cold temperature.
- I want to give birth with my mom in a hospital where there is no language barrier.
- Super mahalia ang manganak dito. Pramis!
- It would be very hard for Basuraman and I if I'm going to give birth here since there's only the two of us. At least in the Philippines we both have our families in case we need help.
- I don't want to complicate the birth certificate of my child and I don't want to deal with the shitty service of Philippine Embassy in Tokyo. Baka pati anak ko ma-stress.

I think Japan doesn't give citizenship by birth unless one of the parent is Japanese. So in our case since we're both Filipino, eventhough our child is born here in Japan, his/her citizenship is still Filipino. For details pakitanong si Mr. google. Tinatamad ako e.

If ever Japan gives citizenship by birth I think there's a chance tha I would choose to give birth here. But it still depends on the situation. I am still not sure about it.

Malapit na naman akong mag- "Hello Pilipins!" ^_^

Saturday, September 1, 2012

three at two!

August 18, 2012 - Today marks our 2nd wedding anniversary! Hurray! We were supposed to celebrate in a fine dining restaurant (naks!) but we ended up cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping and Basuraman making desserts. Actually mejo tight ang budget kaya we decided to cancel the fine dining thing hehe. And the place is far. You know, reasons..Ha! Anyways we just bought some marinated slices of meats and squash in the supermarket for our yakiniku.

Basuraman just searched the net for the recipe of peach mango refrigerator cake and cathedral window.

I, being his sous chef, whipped the cream for the refrigerator cake. It was my first time to do it and it was a success! Aside from whipping the cream, the task of the great sous chef was to wash the dishes ^o^

We were so bondat after having dinner. Yet we still managed to taste the dessert. I love Basuraman's cathedral window though the gelatin/gulaman was chewy. Actually the chewiness made the dessert perfect for me. I love chewy foods! (Hello gummybear) Except for chewy meats. Irk.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

I will always love you Cy...

We love you akachan!

P.S. My anniversary greeting to Basuraman. Yun lang. Bow ^_^

Eyes = heart-shaped pancake
Mouth = orange marmalade


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