Thursday, February 24, 2011

free sh!t

one of my favorite past times here is browsing of pictures. may it be straight from the memory card of my cam or from the depths of baul ni lola (read: super luma). sometimes i don't realize that i am already spending 3 hours staring at the screen of my laptop. weird huh? boring? well that's me ^_^

thank you to our ever growing, fast changing technology i can just plug a stick or a disk to the computer or just scan my hardrive and i can already view the thousands or even millions (i know exag hihi) of pictures i wanted to see. i love looking at them. i love looking at memories ^_^

due to the enormous amount of pictures we take everyday we sometimes forget that we took/have one . Anyways here are some pics from my december vacation in the Phils. Just sharing ^_^

yeah right. WTF. eat my shorts. thank you for ruining the mood. ugh.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

revisiting keitokuen

new look. maiba.
same food. ok lang.
same price. buti naman!
90 minutes of yakiniku *tabehodai and *nomihodai. san ka pa ^_^

since it's no OT day yesterday we visited the newly renovated keitokuen (yakiniku viking restaurant). Lamon mode ON!

ang mga kahoy-kahoy na nadagdag sa resto. yun lang.

with ate rhodz

hindi na kinaya ng tyan ko ang kumuha pa ng ice cream

si Sir!

we'll never get tired of eating at this restaurant. NEVER. (wag lang magtataas ang presyo hihi)

*tabehodai = all you can eat
*nomihodai = all you can drink

The word hodai is often used in Japanese to mean "all-you-can".

Monday, February 14, 2011

i am loved!

this week i am in charge of cooking our meals so today i woke up at 6am to cook dinner because i might be rendering overtime later. after cooking i turned on the laptop then proceeded to taking a bath. this is what i saw when i came back to my room.

you don't know how much i love receiving flowers. i've been dreaming of receiving tulips since the day i discovered they existed.

i was very happy. giddy. teary-eyed. happy. giddy. i wanted to shout! veeeery happyyyyy (^____^)

one pot contains pink, red, and white tulips :)

i immediately thought that they were from mommy joy and daddy roel since there were 2 pots of tulips. then i felt sad because it would have been better if they came from Basuraman. then I saw Basuraman sent me a message in gtalk saying that he's already at the office, greeted me a happy valentyms day and said he wished he could send me some flowers and sweets but he's afraid they won't reach my place. i was starting to have tantrums.

before mommy joy and i left the apartment she said that they were from Basuraman. they were just his accomplices. right there i took a picture of the flowers and cake and posted it on facebook. it was the fastest way for him to know that i received them. what more can i say. I married the sweetest man in the world ^_^

it is unusual to give your loved one flowers in pots but i think they are more practical than those arranged in bouquets. unless the person you're giving the flowers doesn't want the responsibility of taking good care of them. one more thing presentation does matters ^_^

i love you Basuraman ^_^ thank you!

some facts about celebrating st. valentine's day here in Japan.
Many women feel obliged to give chocolates to all male co-workers, except when the 14th falls on a Sunday, a holiday. This is known as giri-choko (義理チョコ), from giri ("obligation") and choko, ("chocolate"), with unpopular co-workers receiving only "ultra-obligatory" ch?-giri choko cheap chocolate. This contrasts with honmei-choko (本命チョコ, Favorite chocolate); chocolate given to a loved one. Friends, especially girls, may exchange chocolate referred to as tomo-choko (友チョコ); from tomo meaning "friend". (Read more here)

we didn't give chocolates to our male co-workers. sorry hindi kami hapon. juk. we're not really comfortable with that custom (tsaka nagtitipid kami ahem) and we're kinda worried that some might misinterpret the action. deadma na lang. at least they won't be obliged to return the favor on March 14 or what they call here White Day wherein it is the time for men to give the ladies chocolates (triple the value of what they have given).

Happy St. Valentine's Day! Muah Muah!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ale pagbilan ng ice

friday = holiday = no work = badminton day =  snow!!!! = YEHEY!!!! ^o^

my first snow experience here in tokyo happened february last year. na-traffic yata kaya nalate ng dating ^_^

eventhough it was snowing we still went to the gymnasium to play badminton. the last time we played was 2 months ago. no exercise for 2 months! eeeek 0_0

we stopped first at this place to take some pictures. it wasn't really snowing that hard that's why the snow didn't pile up that much. snowing rarely happens in tokyo.

mommy joy
mer and ailyn

pinakawalan ko muna yung mga siberian huskies ko ^0^
back to playing badminton

taken from the window of our apartment

tunaw kagad ang niyebe pagbagsak sa lupa
it snowed until saturday morning. anlameeeeeeeeg! sarap matulog ^_^

see you again snow next year!


The weasel abides.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

O-bentong benta

Bento (弁当 bentō) is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container. (source here)

Here are the O-bento(s) I prepared for Basuraman during my vacation in the Philippines. ^_^

O-bento 1

Purefoods Corned Beef.

Longganisa and tamagoyaki (Japanese egg roll)
cha-han (fried rice) with smiley (>_^)

O-bento 2

tamagoyaki ulit and fried chicken

cha-han ulit with smiley pa rin (>_^)

Yan lang. huwag ng mag-expect ng marami. At sa nag-expect ng bonggang-bonggang komplikadong pagkain sorry namen. hanggang prito at gisa lang ang inyong lingkod. bumawi naman ako sa presentation dabah? ^_^

pag sinipag ako share ko sa inyo paggawa ng tamagoyaki ^0^ o kaya tanungin niyo na lang si manong google para hindi niyo na ako maabala hehe imperness naguwi pako ng rectangular shaped kawali para lang magawa ko yun.

pahabol......bumili na nga pala ako ng hulmahan para mas kaengga-engganyo ang itsura.

tuna mayo onigiri

japanese rice + rice vinegar + tuna with mayo for filling salt and pepper to taste. yung pepper nirequest ni Basuraman

eto yung mayo na ginagamit ko. i use this mayo in yakisoba, hash brown, picadillo at kung anu-ano pang pwedeng lagyan ng mayo ^_^

akala tuloy ng mga opismeyts ni Basuraman e ang galing-galing ko magluto. ang hindi nila alam magaling lang ako sa presentation.

isingit ko lang...nag-materialize naman nung new year ang pangarap naming makagawa ng california maki. i bought some of the ingredients and materials here in Japan (sushi mat, nori, japanese rice). luckily available ang japanese rice vinegar sa suking tindahan. we used crab sticks, ripe mango and cucumber for the filling (with mayo). avocado sana kaso wala sa panahon.

for the sushi rice we just combined the cooked rice, rice vinegar, salt and sugar.

the proud maker of the maki

Basuraman's california maki ^_^
sa awa ng poong maykapal e pumatok naman ang california maki ni Basuraman.

hay namiss ko tuloy maging misiS :( yun lang. oyasumi nasai!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sikoletlover and Basuraman in Bohol Part 3 Last na itwu pramis!

On the night of Day 2 basuraman and I decided to cancel our Danao trip since we can not afford the price of the rent for a private vehicle and we do not want to take chances on commuting. Anyways we went to Bohol to relax and not to be stressed. After dinner I called my sis Leloti on what else to do in Bohol and she suggested that we take a Panglao island tour. After some phone calls we had our Panglao island tour set courtesy of Kuya Rod.


We got up early for a walk in the beach before our 10AM Panglao tour. photoshoot ito. juk.

sea urchin. lots of them.

At 10 AM we were already at the frontdesk. We do not want to be late of course. After 5 minutes the person who will be driving us around Panglao island sent Basuraman an SMS saying he's on his way. I dunno where he came from but after 25 minutes he arrived and the inside of the car was kinda dirty. there were stains on the seat. oh well....

hate late
  • Hinagdanan Cave

  • we-forgot-the-name zoo
    Kuya driver brought us to this small time zoo to see the kawawang ostriches.

mga ginahasang ostrich
the ishkeri ishneyk. much smaller than Prony. i don"t have the guts to go inside the cage. it might swallow me -_-
  • Dauis Church

  • Bohol Bee Farm

Lunch at Bohol Bee Farm resto

Salad Roll

Lamb Tenderloin

Grilled Blue Marlin

All are organic! ^_^

I guess the bohol bee farm experience was the best part for me of our bohol travel. For the first time i ate flowers! as in fresh flowers. it was a little bit bitter but combined with the other ingredients of the salad plus the dressing it was great. Everything that we ate was organic.

We also tried their ginger flavored ice cream. Man it was spicy! It's like there's this burning cold thing in your mouth everytime you take a bite. Ironic eh? Actually we just wanted to try the malunggay flavor but the staff said that we had to choose another flavor. So we tried the ginger. It was worth trying but I tell you would not ask for more ^0^

We bought pesto spread from their souvenir shop. For 2 bottles of pesto spread Basuraman took forever to pay them. Because of this woman who kept on changing and separating her merchandise while on the cashier. She should just have arranged everything, separated them to whatever arrangement she liked then went to the cashier to pay. But hell no! It's like she was the only customer paying. hay hay hay...

We thought of having us dropped at Alona beach but due to the pasalubongs that we bought (and katamaran ehem) we headed back straight to Dumaluan resort. I told Basuraman that I will just rest for an hour then we will hit the beach. I slept at 3pm and when I woke up it was already 9pm! I overslept -_-

We promised not to eat again at DBR grill but we still went there for dinner and took the risk of getting another bad CS. Since it was already 9PM there were few customers (sobrang gabi na yata ng 9PM sa kanila). Personnels were accommodating and we easily had our order. Basuraman and I concluded that there were too many people during the bad CS experience and the crew cannot handle too much pressure hehe

their version of sisig, grilled salmon and pork bbq for dinner

Day 4

Photoshoot ulit bago umuwi ^_^

View while having breakfast

Mataas na ang sikat ng araw

sea creature 1

Sea creature 2

moment ng tripod

@ Bohol Beach Club

My tarsier ^_^

goin' home

I had fun despite the negative CS and SOME unfriendly locals who prefer foreigners and english speaking people over mukhang puritang nagtatagalog na tulad namin. I love the beach but not the Dumaluan Beach Resort. I love the reef area. I love the virgin island. I love the dolphins. I love peanut kisses! Did I say I love the beach? Yeah I love the beach ^_^

Next stop...PALAWAN! Coron or El Nido? ^_^

P.S. Forgive my french este english pala. I know that my grammar is worse than that of a grade 2 student. Even the structure of this post (teka ano ba yung structure hehe). Sorry naman bobita sa english si watashi. I have to practice my english because of this exam that I am going to take and I can not afford to fail because the registration fee caused me a fortune. Lahat na yata ng pwedeng dumugo sakin dumugo na @_@


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