Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 18

June 19 - History repeated itself. A super typhoon on the day of my check-up again. But this time rain will start pouring at around 6-7pm so I still went to the clinic after work. Basuraman also texted me that he will wait for me at Kokubunji Station so we can go home together after my check-up. As I was walking on my way to the clinic, it rained so hard that my entire lower body almost got wet. Konting pagpag dito. Konting pagpag dun. Despite the heavy rain I was still on time for my appointment.

The clinic staff pointed me to the restroom so I can urinate and have a sample of my urine. This has been the procedure since my last 2 check-ups. I dunno if I just got engot but I can not find the cup/container! I asked Ms. Clinic Staff and showed me where it was. It was just on top of the water tank. Tanga lang.

Before the ultrasound Lola OB informed me of my chlamydia test and it was negative meaning the test is OK/normal. Here comes the good news. Goodbye transvaginal ultrasound. Yey to pelvic ultrasound! Finally. Baby did not make pakitang gilas and when it was time to get his/her picture Lola OB can not find the right angle. Ayun tuloy di mashado kita yung arms and legs niya. Anyway according to Lola OB, baby is growing normal and fine. I also discussed to her the papers that I will be needing when I go back to Philippines as well as the date of my departure. I also asked her if I can bring Basuraman on my next check-up so he can see baby in the ultrasound. She said yes and is looking forward to seeing Basuraman on July 10.

Typhoon Casualty...

Napakasakit Ate Charo.... Why o why Delilah?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 15-17

I thought I am already over with my nausea and "afternoon" sickness since I am on my fourth month. I was wrong. It's coming back again. Though it is not as frequent and bad during my first 3 months. I dunno why. I still  can not say that my appetite is back since there are still times that I don't feel like eating eventhough I am hungry. And when I like the food that I am eating I can not eat as much as I want because I'll be having stomachache later. Hay.

I was only 2 months pregnant when I started buying dresses. Actually they're not maternity dresses. Just plain dresses. And this week I looked for some maternity panties, tights and dresses in a store near our office called Nishi Matsuya. The store sells commodities for children and pregnant women. From clothes, to baby foods, to baby car seats and decaffeinated coffee for pregnant women. My ordinary panties and tights are starting to make my tummy irritated. While roaming around the store I saw this clothing for baby and I immediately thought that Basuraman will like it and will not have any second thought of buying it.

We still don't know if baby is a girl or a boy but one thing is for sure: he/she will wear that piece of clothing.

I call my maternity panties "Lola Panties" because they are soooooooo huge. The underwear can cover my whole tummy. From under the breasts downwards. Same with my maternity stockings. It was my first time to have and to wear those kind of undergarments. I love them! No more irritated tummy ^_^

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farmville Year 2

2 years ago sinubukan kong magtanim sa dati naming apartment at ang resulta ay bokya. Hektwali meron naman ako napala. 5 piraso ng cherry tomatoes at 8 dahon ng amplaya (para sa ginisang munggo). Katulad ng aking nabanggit sa aking nakaraang entry ay nagtanim ako nung Golden Week. Yeboi. Farmville is back to business bebe!

Hindi katulad nung una kong pagtatanim, bumili na ako ng seedlings. Di na ako nangarap pa na magsimula sa pagtatanim ng buto. Sikreto lang natin pero yung iba nga meron ng bulaklak hihi. Mejo nag level-up ako ngayon kasi meron pang fertilizer ang aking mga pananim. Oha.

Pagkatapos ng isang buwan ay ganito na ang itsura ng aming veranda.

Yung amplaya ko parang mashadong maliit. Yung tipong kapag ginamit ko yung dahin nila sa balatong (ginisang munggo) e malulusaw lang siya. Niloloko pa nga ako ng aking butihing ina at mukhang ampalayang ligaw (a.k.a. damo) daw yata yung natanim ko.

Parang pinapaasa lang ako ng aking talong at green bell pepper. Kasi everytime na meron silang bulaklak  nalalagas lang.

Pero excited na ako sa aking mga kamatis. 2 klase ang itinanim ko ngayon. Ordinaryong kamatis at cherry tomataoes. Yung cherry tomatoes madami ng bunga. Yung mga ordinaryong kamatis ngayon pa lang
namumulaklak. Sana naman e makaani ako ng madami-dami bago pa sila matuyo pagdating sa summer ^_^

Halos 1/3 ng veranda namin ngayon e sakop na ng aking mga pananim. Goodluck sa aming pagsasampay ng labada.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 14

May 22 - After a month Lola OB and I saw each other again for my next check-up. I kinda missed her. I had a chlamydia test for that day and I'll be getting the result on my next check-up which is next month. I was so ecstatic when I saw baby in the ultrasound. He/She has arms and legs! Baby was so malikot (I dunno if frisky is the right english word for malikot). Nagpakitang gilas ang bata. With matching sipa-sipa pa ^_^ I wish Basuraman was with me during that time so he can also see our baby moving. Next time I will ask Lola OB if Basuraman can come with me during my check-ups. I noticed that most of the pregnant women come to the clinic without company. All by themselves. After my ultrasound Lola OB read/showed me my blood tests. Thank God the test results were normal though there was a part of my test that was sort of lower than the normal count yet it was still considered normal. I forgot what it is. I am planning to ask her on my next check-up. I hope I will remember.

I was so thrilled when I talked to my mom via skype regarding baby's being so malikot during my ultrasound. And of course my mom was very happy too. She kept on asking if baby is a girl or a boy and I kept on telling her that it is too early to say. She's always asking me to show her how big my tummy is. I can't show her my tummy yet because it is big not because of baby but because of my taba. Maybe on my 6th month I can already show her my baby bump ^_^

From 65kg last April 24 my weight dropped to 64.5kg. But my tummy is getting bigger.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Architect Abney

Our youngest passed the June 2012 Architect Licensure Examination! Yey may architect na kami ^0^ He deserved it and we are very proud of him.

And because of that we had a thanksgiving dinner. Thank you Lord and to our prayer warriors!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 12-13

Kapraningan at its fullest! Call me crazy and weird but I am also asking myself why it happened to me. One day I just felt that the whole world is against me. My everyday dose of nausea plus I don't know what to eat because of my dysfunctional taste buds. Basuraman being cranky because he can not understand my mood and maybe because after a tiring day of work he has to cook our food since everytime I try I feel I will vomit. I felt Basuraman was thinking that I was just making up everything that was happening to me (NAG-IINARTE lang). In an instant I just cried and cried. Luckily I have a very loving and understanding husband. He assured me that he wasn't thinking that way and he said that if there's a way for him to take upon himself my burden he will. I wish every father-to-be is as understanding as my husband because the physical and emotional stress that pregnant women undergo is no joke and shouldn't be treated lightly.

From my previous post I said that I have been worrying a lot. Now instead of worrying I just pray and lift everything to Him. It is through praying that I find calmness and peace. Only God knows what kind of future we will be having.

"He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and happy life."  -William Law

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hakone Open Air Museum

Ate Joy asked Basuraman and I if we wanted to join her and Kuya Roel in going to Hakone during the golden week. Though we've already been there we said yes since we haven't visited the Hakone Open Air Museum (at para masabi lang na nakapamasyal kami nung bakasyon). We chose to go there on Sunday since it was the only day that will not be raining. Since the trip was sudden, we weren't able to make reservations for the Romance Car. We decided to take the local train and bought the two-day Hakone pass in Odawara Station. Though we only planned to go to Hakone for 1 day we still got the two-day pass since the combined fares of the transportation in Hakone for a day is same with the two-day pass. The two-day pass is also unlimited, meaning you can use the specified transportations as many times as you want. After purchasing the passes we looked for a place to have breakfast. Kuya Roel wanted to eat at KFC but it's still close so we just ate at First Kitchen.

Trivia: Just like us Filipinos, Japanese also have abbreviations for things and places like pasukon for personal computer and Mcdo for Mcdonald's. And for the fastfood store First Kitchen it is Fakin. Wahleylung. I 'm just amused...?

Our first Fakin Breakfast!

Hakone Open Air Musuem

Set in the stunning landscape of Hakone, the Hakone Open-Air Museum opened in 1969 as the first open-air art museum in Japan. Constantly changing with the seasons, our spectacular grounds are the permanent home for approximately 120 works by well-known modern and contemporary sculptors. We also have 5 exhibition halls including the Picasso Pavilion, as well as pieces where children can play, a footbath fed by natural hot springs, and a variety of other facilities where our visitors can relax and enjoy the splendor of art in nature. (Source here)

Sunny clear sky with a temperature of 18-21 deg Celsius. The best day to enjoy an open air museum. Yeboi ^_^

We just love this pic. parang pang post card lang ^_^

koi no bori = carp streamer
We don't know what festival they are celebrating but we saw these kids inside the museum grounds carrying a mikoshi (portable Shinto shrine).

The Picasso Pavillion

I had to hold my leg with my right hand for my foot to reach that height. Ako na hindi flexible :P

me pretending to kick the silver ball. how pathetic eh?

Found this inside the vicinity of the museum. Beautiful ^_^
After exploring the Hakone Open Air Museum we went to Owakudani Station via Ropeway so that Kuya Roel and Basuraman can try the kurotamago (black egg). It is believed that eating one can add 7 years to your life. 

Say hello to Mt. Fuji. Taken at Owakudani Station.

And for our last destination we proceeded to Tougendai Station to take the sightseeing cruise of Lake Ashi. Perfect weather, great place and great company make a very tiring trip worth it ^_^

*Photos courtesy of Basuraman.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 11

Matagal-tagal din bago kami muling magkikita ni Lola OB. Golden Week (Oogata Renkyuu) na naman. Ibig sabihin isang linggong walang pasok. Kadalasan ang Golden Week dito sa Japan ay natatapat sa unang linggo ng Mayo. Hindi kami masyado nakagala dahil may pasok si Basuraman, madalas nag-uulan (kaya tulog mode lang ako) at dahil ako ay nasa aking 1st trimester ng pagjojontis kaya iniiwasan ko muna ang mga pasyal at lakad na nakakapagod.

Kaya nagtanim na lang ako ^_^ Kumpara sa dati naming apartment mas malawak ang veranda namin ngayon kaya may espasyo para sa aking mga tanim.

importante na ang pandilig ay hugis elepante na kulay berde ^_^

Sana lang ay meron akong maani sa mga itinanim kong kamatis, green bell pepper, talong at ampalaya. Yung dahon man lang ng ampalaya dumami para magamit sa balatong (munggo) ^_-

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hanami 2012

Last year we went to Shinjuku Gyoen Koen for hanami. This year we chose the Koganei park. According to Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association, it is the second largest park (famous for cherry trees) in Tokyo metropolitan area and has nearly 2,000 cherry trees inside the park. It is only a 30-minute bike ride from our place and there is a bus which stops directly at the entrance of the park. Compared to Shinjuku Gyoen Koen there is no entrance fee so we expected that there will be a lot of people.

It was Easter Sunday so we first heard mass at Fuchuu Catholic Church before going to the park. To our surprise the mass was in Japanese. Luckily the readings were read in English. And the rest in Japanese. I was so happy and amazed at the same time when I saw/heard Catholic Japanese singing praises and praying in unison. After the mass the priest and the sacristans gave Easter eggs which I wasn't able to have eventhough there were plenty of them. I asked Basuraman to get me an egg but he refused to get me one. All of a sudden I wasn't in the mood to have an Easter egg. Basuraman and I together with Wyn and his wife took the bus while the rest of the gang (parang Scooby Doo lang) rode their bikes to get to Koganei Park.

I was a little bit disapponted (konti lang naman) when I saw the park because it was jam packed. And the sakura (cherry blossoms) were not in full bloom yet. After walking for a few minutes we were able to spot a small vacant area where we placed our mat so we can already have our lunch.

Hindi mahulugan ng karayom...

Thank you Costco for our lunch ^_^

Compared to our hanami last year in Shinjuku, Koganei park was very lively. There were various performers singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

I want to have a hat like that!

This little guy was apologizing for stepping on Ate Joy's foot.
Honestly speaking I enjoyed the view last year in Shinjuku because there were more sakura trees in full bloom compared to Koganei park. Also the place was not that crowded. Maybe because the garden was really spacious, you have to pay an entrance fee and it's a little bit far from the train station. If we're still in Japan next year I'll bring Basuraman to Shinjuku because he will definitely enjoy taking pictures of the park.

Our first hanami...with baby inside ^_^

*Photos courtesy of Basuraman.


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