Saturday, May 18, 2013


Lunch time

While I was devouring my peanut butter jelly sandwich, someone approached me and asked where he can find my boss' seat. Of course he said it in Japanese. Panic mode on. My heart stopped beating for 3 seconds.
Thank you mighty mouse for saving the day.

Dinner party for a colleague who just got married

Question and answer portion with the newlywed. While I was busy gobbling my fried chicken wing stuffed with gyoza/dumpling (KUMPU mode), my boss called my name and said that I will be giving the last question. Note: I can not eat and think properly at the same time. I just smiled at Ms. Newlywed and said that I have no question. Boss said I can just give an advice. Maka-pressure daig pa ang pressure cooker. So I said the first thing that came to my mind. Drumroll please!

Always be happy. (Yes I am a Jollibee kid.) Sabay bow.

Naruto Shippuden
Me: Hindi talaga ako maka-move over sa pagkamatay ni Jiraiya.

After watching the scene where the people who died in the battle were resurrected by Pain...
Me: Buti na lang nabuhay ulit si Kakashi at si Pa. Hindi pa rin ako maka-move over sa pagkamatay ni Jiraiya.

After 2 minutes...
Me: Sumasakit ang puso ko kapag naalala ko na namatay na si Jiraiya. Hindi ako maka-move over.

Basuraman: (with matching sungit face) Stop saying move over. It's either move on or get over. Not move over.
Yes yaya. You are a loser.


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