Monday, June 28, 2010

sleepyhead tomato

was very sleepy the whole day. went home at around 8pm. grilled the fish for dinner. dumped the laundry in the washing machine. one more round to go. waiting for mommy joy so we can eat dinner together. will be calling basuraman in a few minutes to say that i have to sleep early and i can't wait for him to go online *yawn*.


after my afternoon nap mommy joy told me that an old lady talked to Kuya Allan (husband of my colleague who lives 3-4 doors from our apartment) and was complaining about my tomatoes/plants. she said it was "DAME" - no good/bad. i wanted to cry the moment i heard that. it's like they want to take away my happiness T_T this weekend i will go to our landlord to ask if they do not really permit plants in front of the apartment. baka kasi di pwede pagmultahin pako :( for the meantime i placed them in the corner para hindi mainit sa mata hehe. sakto kasi sha sa tapat ng hagdanan. nainggit siguro yung thundercats. hmp! if the landlord will prohibit the placement of plants in front of our apartment i have no choice but to move my plants in the laundry area :(  hay... sad...

anyway this is what they look like now. taken yesterday night after watering them :)

konti na lang mas malaki na sila sa akin :D

pwede na kami magluto ng balatong/munggo :D

i wonder how those tiny stems can hold the fruits. pwera usog! :)

love love love!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

new ride

after a year of using my hand down bike from kuya kim i decided to buy a new one two weeks ago. dahil laging sinasabi ni kuya mylo na dati otso na yung gulong e ngayon nuwebe na natakot ako na isang araw baka bigla na lang ako maaksidente.
sorry for the crappy picture. i just searched earlier on how to blur the background of a picture and immediately stopped on step 3 after achieving that effect. katamaran in progress. anyhoo lucky me the bike was on sale. the usual price of bike is around 9k yen to 12k yen. i bought this bike for only 6k yen. brand new ^_^ yun nga lang made in china hehe

unfortunately last thursday (june 24) i had an accident with this bike. actually it wasn't my fault. it was our side's turn to cross the street. the stoplight was already green and the cars were already in full stop. as i was crossing the street all of a sudden a bike appeared clashing with mine. i got hurt but not that much. i almost fell from my bike. from the look of the guy i think he is a student. i wasn't able to say anything. the guy keeps on saying "sumimasen. daijoubu desuka?"  (sorry. are you OK?)

i got this minor bruise as a remembrance. nothing serious :)
(note: binti lang yan. hindi pa yan yung hita ko hehe)

because i think we were already making an eksena i just left the guy and crossed the street. i stopped for a while and called ate joy because i was starting to palpitate. i wanted somebody to know what happened to relieve my nerbiyos. that's why now i am very super duper over mega careful in crossing the street. yun ngang maingat nako may aksidente pa ring nangyari. hay. accidents happen....


last june 15 our dear cholo celebrated his 4th birthday :)


the video was taken by my sister last april 2007. magie and i misses him very much since i'm in japan and magie is in UAE. anyway i will be seeing my bunsoy in a few months :)

bloom bloom shakalakalaka bloom

time check. 4 am. maliwanag na sa labas gising pako. i wanted to sleep the whole day but again i had chores to do. go to supermarket and clean the kitchen. had work yesterday (saturday) because of the tight schedule of our project. feeling ko tuloy sabado pa lang ngayon 0_0

hydrangea everywhere!

i find this flower cute. unfortunately i don't know its name...

oyasumi nasai!

plant and you shall reap

well well well...

what do we have here...


my babies have flowers. And flowers = FRUITS! uber happy ^_^ since they are growing bigger and bigger everyday *haha exag* last week or last last week? i forgot heee. i think it's last last week. again again again. last last week  i placed support on each tomato plant. i bought the circle thing at daiso and the little pole at CONAN(an everything-you-need store).

the third container holds my bitter gourd (or ampalaya in tagalog and goya in japanese). tinitignan ko lang sila nawawala na ang pagod ko sa magdamag maghapon na trabaho.

kindly click to enlarge :) kung gusto mo lang naman maka-relate :)

did you see the two seedlings  trying to push their way up the soil? they are my green bell pepper seedlings :) don't mind the one with a tiny leaf. ligaw na damo lang sha. i just placed 4 seeds in the soil and waited if they will grow. after 2 weeks of waiting that is what i saw. i feel a green thumb here. feelingera :D

because i was too busy with work i wasn't able to post the pics of my little farmville  last week. took the pictures last sunday (june 20). tomorrow i"ll be taking again some pictures because the flowers are already starting to bloom and my bitter gourd seedlings are growing fast together with my bell peppers. whew!

my ampalaya seedlings! :)

bell pepper :)

my plants are located in front of our apartment (along the hallway) since we live on the second floor.

green is love :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fan request

Just finished watching episode 2 of True Blood Season 3. I hate Bill's maker and I'm starting to like Eric Northman haha.


Remember this?

Patience truly is a virtue :)

will be making a separate entry for my tomato/bitter gourd/bell pepper children. been doing overtime everyday for the last 3 weeks (meaning leaving office everyday at 9-9:30pm). the worst thing about it is we don't get paid. it's a long story. anyway just want to quote what Kuya Mylo said last week....

"...kung ang makina nga nag-ooverheat tayo pa kaya..."


if you're bored and want to watch something funny, relaxing, hilarious, "scary", etc. try the links below. sometimes time flies so fast when i watch these video clips.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

before i hit the hay i just want to greet

my PAPOO (ang tatay kong pinanganak noong panahon ng kastila)

my AMA (wala pa rin po kayong apo sa tuhod saming magkakapatid hehe)

my LOLO (ang lolo kong bengengot. sa kanya yata ako nagmana ng kabingihan hehe)

my PAPA (how ya doin' up there?)

my TITOs

my KUYAs

at sa lahat ng kakilala ko na tatay at magiging tatay.....


i love yah all! muah!


sana wag din nating kalimutan ang rason kung bakit nandito tayo ngayon sa mundong ibabaw.... Happy father's day to our Almighty Father!

love love love!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


konapun is kawaiiness!!! 

i stumbled on this video while browsing sarah lee's blog.

amazing noh?

japanese people just won't stop inventing.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


ohayou nippon!

it's saturday and i have to work.

i'ts already 7:50am and i haven't dried my hair. i've been busy browsing FB, bloghopping and watching movie clips for the past 20 minutes.

according to dadi kuri Season 3 of True Blood already started. O-M-G!!!!

spread the LOVE!

Friday, June 18, 2010

FIFA + Mcdo

luckily i had my fries and drinks upsized....

i am a big sucker for freebies! hee!

libre na yung meal may libre pang baso. san ka pa? ^_^

*bigmac meal courtesy of ninong kim.


my blog will be turning 2 yrs.old this august. i started blogging when the cavemen discovered fire. matanda nako mashado nako makakalimutin. after a year of blogging in blog-city i had to revert to other sites offering free blogging because blog-city will already terminate its free blogging service. i was already writing for 1 year when it happened. so i tried multiply. but before multiply there was friendster's blogs. i also had a few posts in a livejournal account and myspace. i was already ok with multiply until something personal happened that i had to stop posting entries. blog is some kind of an emotional outlet to me so i had to create one after my multiply account. behold! was born!

yun lang ^_^


FIFA fever is here! Last June 11 was the official kick-off of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Last Tuesday (June 15) Japan won over Cameroon with a score of 1-0. Japan had its first FIFA World Cup win in a foreign soil. It was really good for the team to win its opening game. Even my colleagues went home early for the game. This Saturday (June 19) Japan will be battling against Netherlands. Madami na naman mapupuyat! ^0^


(in random order....)

fire in Bangkok

earthquake in Haiti and Mexico

Haiti's presidential palace

giant sinkhole in Guatemala

 flash flood Ondoy in the Philippines

flood in Jeddah

endless war in Iraq

and today Singapore had its taste of mother nature's wrath


let us pray for the everyday safety of our loved ones including also ourselves. we don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

God bless the world. Amen

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I enrolled last night into this Google Adsense and guess what I received in my email...

ok payn.

hintayin ko na lang na malagay sa list ang lenggwahe ng mga bakla. babush!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Starting this day I will not let my laziness overcome my will to write posts. I will also try to explore the outside of blogging world. Tama na ang ilang taong pagiging lurker! haha

Oyasumi nasai :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ay Caramba!

we are starting to have hot nights. ang ineeeeet! diko mashadong naramdaman ang spring. parang after winter summer kagad. oh well....


we tried grilling squid last week. and this is the result...

we bought the squids at 350 yen for 7 pcs. not bad eh?


one of my colleagues gave us this omiyage (pasalubong).

it's not the usual mochi or chocolate. so we asked Hayakawa-san to teach us how to eat that thing. shempre kuya kim as our mowdel.

i haven't tried mine. i'm always busog kasi.


my babies have grown very big! ok not so big. just exaggerating. but they are really growing! i love them :)

after leaving them for some hours this afternoon i saw this.

good thing nothing was broken. they just really want to kiss the ground. so i have to put my markers again for temporary support.

tomorrow i'll be going back again to daiso to get some stuff that can help my babies stand strong amidst the heavy wind.


currently watching The Simpsons. lovin' 'em!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

heart crusher

why does my heart ache every time i see a twilight saga movie clip?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

gusto mo ng ebidensha kuracha?

salamat sa Show Recent Messages (F3) ng ym....

humanda ka jerva sa muli nating pagkikita! bwahahahahaha

p.s.kung sino man ang makakausap kay jerva at ideny ang nabanggit na panlilibre pakiforward sa kanya ang link na itetch.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

i heart ramon

before i fell asleep earlier i was reading ramon bautista's tumblr.

effortlessly funny and hilarious :)

i was trying to add him as friend in facebook. unfortunately...

ok payn....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cooking ng chenes mo

i am loving this song right now...


cooked "sipo egg" for dinner. actually it should be S-I-P-O E-G-G because i used chicken eggs instead of quail eggs (^0^)

the taste is OK. so-so. bahala na bukas kapag natikman na nila mommy joy and daddy roel :P


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