Monday, May 30, 2011


...have the cutestestest curtain holder in the whole wide world ^_^

....started planting again. Say hello to my lovely komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach) seedlings ^_^ hindi pa tumutubo yung piman (bellpepper)

....cooked chicken cordon bleu for the first time. Another FAIL in the history of my cooking. The cheese went out. I had to re-fry some parts because it is still raw in the middle. The sauce has too much butter. Ano pa???? Nakaka-depress ha!

...finally have a bling-bling for my phone ^_^

...should stop worrying too much. It's making me panget and look old. I'll just cross the bridge when I get there.

Happy Monday ^_^

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hanasanpo at Chichibu

Huling hirit sa panahon ng tagsibol. The super overdue post.

"finally katamaran left! i can now make my Chichibu post. Yey!"

after 5 seconds....

"Uh-oh katamaran's back. will do it tomorrow na lang..."

I was like this for a month. Actually right now I'm thinking if I should continue doing this or just eat my ichigo purin and continue watching IronMan II. Hee ^_^

So last April 17 I (together with Kuya Mylo, Ate Rhodz and husband) went to Chichibu (West Saitama) for this:
image from

I've been seeing this picture since last year and I was really curious if this place really exists! I wasn't able to go last year kasi wala ako kasama. Hanlongkot naman kasi mamasyal mag-isa.

The place was a 2hr (around) train ride from our place. So I took some pictures while on the train.

Sa tagal ng biyahe and with all the trees and mountains we thought we were already in Pinas. Wahleylung. We just thought of that ^_^

After reaching Chichibu Station we had an early lunch at Sukiya because Kuya Allan was already hungry. Wasn't really that hungry so I just ordered a small bowl of gyudon.

The artistically designed hill of moss phlox is located at Shibazakura near Hitsujiyama Park.

I did not expect that we will be seeing lots and lots and lots of sakura trees here. I wanted to cry! Happy! ^_^

shidarezakura or the weeping cherry

I want to do hanami in this place. Under those weeping sakura trees. They are so lovely I wanted to eat them! haha

I was a little bit disapponted (konti lang naman) when I saw the hill. It was not the same with what I saw in the picture. Arte ko lang. Kahit mukhang ulo na may poknat yung iba e sumatotal I enjoyed the place. Kahit nangitim ako kasi naman tanghaling tapat nung inikot namin yung lugar :P

I was here!

Some parts do not have flowers.
Up-close views of the flowers. I call some of them "santan" because they look like one.

We stopped by this place which is located near the hill for meryienda.

I tried their ikayaki which is a grilled squid. The head with all the tentacles looked scary so I just bought the body part which looks like a hand.

ikayaki or grilled squid

There were also some sheep in the area which I find adorable. Kaso I don't find their smell adorable hehe. Panghe. I don't know why there were sheep in that place. Kinda weird.

Hello Mr. Sheep! Can I take you home?

Reminded me of Shaun the Sheep ^_^
Before going home we checked this place which looks like a small market selling foods, souvenirs, plants, etc. Chichibu lang naintindihan ko dun sa banner hehe

This plant caught my attention because it looked fake. I thought it was fake. But it wasn't! First time I saw this kind of color of sakura. I wanted to buy it kaso bulky and looked heavy. Ok fine it was expensive. And I do not have a good history with plants. Sayang ang anda.

I love this plant.
Meryenda ulit! Food stalls like these remind of the fishball-an and all the ihaw-ihaw things in the street of the Philippines. ^_^

One stick of the barbecued meat costs 600yen. Mahalia noh? Anyway minsan lang naman ^_^ By the way the food was for me and Ate Rhodz. Kami na matakaw.

yakisoba and barbecued beef meat

At around 4pm we decided to go home. It was a great experience. ^_^ I hope to visit the place again next year.

We bought omiyage or pasalubong in this place which is just beside the station.
*Hana means flower in Japanese and Sanpo means take a walk.

P.S. Thanks to Khanto for the tip. Nakapagpost na ulit ng pics ^_^ doumo arigatou ne.


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