Saturday, May 29, 2010

tulog na

nakakapagod mag-OT lalo na at laging OTY.... madapakingsyet...

my eyes are sooooo tired. been rendering overtime everyday until 9:00 pm.

pag ako bumagsak sa check-up next saturday kayo sisingilin ko.

never been so tired like this.


super excited with the eclipse movie. i dunno why. kinikilig pako haha. parang gusto ko ulit panoorin yung twilight :)


love is so complicated.

one day i love basuraman very much.

one thing you'll know i already hate him.

then we will make plans.

afterwards we'll start to fight.

after a few minutes/hours/days we're like teenagers again who are super in-loved with each other for the first time.


i hope that my body is still healthy enough to bear a child when the right time comes.

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