Thursday, November 4, 2010

the gatecrashers

today is holiday and my former colleagues from Sanyo decided to have a meet-up. Meeting place at Kozukue Station. Had a picnic near Nissan Stadium.

from left: kuya mylo, kuya alvine, kuya turbs, kuya nald, ms.jam, kuya mell, agnes(kuya mell's wife), julia(ms.jam and papaju's dowter) and ate wilms

guys on basketball mode

while the men were playing basketball ate wilms, agnes and i "gatecrashed" the nearby flea market :P actually there was an event sponsored by BMW(with a small flea market) and i think only those with invitations were entitled to enter. earlier we were already at the entrance when we saw this Japanese staff asking the person in front of us for some paper which the staff later signed. the three of us saw a way at  the back and tried to enter. success naman :) and maybe because the event is about to finish na kaya we were already allowed. kami na ang adik sa flea market :P

ayos sa pangalan ng event noh?
the flea market

wanted to ride that convertible kaso biglang humaba pila ng sasakay pagbalik ko
big fan of mini-cooper :)
basuraman said mukha daw pinto ng karo ng patay :(
bullet day i shall have you :D
wanted to have a picture with this mascot kaso i got hiya hehe
stuff for the kids. that is a real BMW car. how cool is that.
para lang nagdodrawing sa dingding ng bahay

bought a shirt for basuraman. kaso we later found out about this. kaya siguro naka-sale. LOL

after going to the event we returned to the court and chatted for a little more. Went home by 5pm since we still have work tomorrow. it was great seeing again my former colleagues. who would have thought that we will all be seeing each other again here in Japan.

Since I can't still afford to have the "real" one eto muna for the meantime.....



Xprosaic said...

Aw how cute?! akin na lang yung laruan... lol... heheheheheh

kayni said...

ang cute naman ng mini toy :). dapat hug mo si michelin man.

daphne sy said...

It seems all of you are having fun! Love the bonding and I enjoyed this editorial. Thanks for sharing=)
my blog, healthy flat

sikoletlover said...

@xprosiac - sayang sana 2 binili ko. 1 for you :D

@kayni - nahiya ako e hehe

@daphne - thanks daphne :D

anney said...

Cute naman ng nabili mo. Laking tuwa siguro nung mga bata kasi kahit babuyin nila yung BMW e walang magagalit sa kanila. hehehe!

HaLoJiN said...

wow.. grabe sikotlover ayos yan.. haha yun nga lang bigla ba humaba yung pila? grabe talaga ang gaganda ng kotse ng bmw at for sure mahal yan.. hehe -halojin

Xander C. said...

Wow! it looks like your enjoying.. saya naman..


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