Sunday, February 13, 2011

ale pagbilan ng ice

friday = holiday = no work = badminton day =  snow!!!! = YEHEY!!!! ^o^

my first snow experience here in tokyo happened february last year. na-traffic yata kaya nalate ng dating ^_^

eventhough it was snowing we still went to the gymnasium to play badminton. the last time we played was 2 months ago. no exercise for 2 months! eeeek 0_0

we stopped first at this place to take some pictures. it wasn't really snowing that hard that's why the snow didn't pile up that much. snowing rarely happens in tokyo.

mommy joy
mer and ailyn

pinakawalan ko muna yung mga siberian huskies ko ^0^
back to playing badminton

taken from the window of our apartment

tunaw kagad ang niyebe pagbagsak sa lupa
it snowed until saturday morning. anlameeeeeeeeg! sarap matulog ^_^

see you again snow next year!


The weasel abides.


khantotantra said...

parang ang saya saya magpakuha ng pic sa background na may snow. :D

Anonymous said...

Waaahh, gusto ko rin makaranas ng snow!! Ikaw na, sikulet! The best ka e! :D:D:D:D:D

Anonymous said...

damn, i wanna play on snow too, hehe :D

anney said...

Lamigin ako pero gusto ko makapunta sa isang bansa na nag ii snow! Happy Valentine's day!


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