Thursday, July 30, 2009


If you are in a time of discipline or facing the cruel consequences of sin, please don't give up. Morning will come, and on that dawn will come God's grace. It's more than worth the wait!

- June 30, 2009


right now there are many things that i have to stop/control.


*eating chirchirya

*bread consumption before dinner

*sleeping late at night

*ignoring tasks. the "bukas na lang attitude"

i gained a million tons since i came here. whatta shame. i promised to myself that once i get here i have to shed off a thousand pounds of fat off my body. my housemate said that i really gained weight and it is very obvious. owmaigolay! my chan is so laki! azzz in sumikip na mga pants ko. ayayayayayayayay! i am always sleeping very late (errr early in the morning). before the latest time would be 12 or 1 am. now: 3 am. tsk. i have been regretting tasks lately. diko alam kung bakit nagiging tamad ako lately. this is not me.

sabi nga ni toni gonzaga sa movie nila ni sam bading milby na My Big Love e...

Start today! kung hindi ngayon e kelan pa???

i have many tasks to finish so dun muna ako magsisimula. unahin ang mga dapat iemail at mga forms na fi-fill-upan bago mag-facebook! i know i can do this. i have to do this. now na!


i haven't had a decent entry this past few days. post lang ng post ng chenes videos from youtube. o kaya mga walang kwenta na one liner. before going somewhere else for the natsu yasumi (summer vacation) i hope i can post my tons-of-pictures entry.


for a change...

good night japan!

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