Thursday, August 5, 2010

busy weekend part 1

saturday (july31)

i was invited by tita weng to her barbecue party. actually tita weng is my friend's tita who happened to be living in japan for almost 15 years. her place is a 1-hr train ride from my place. we met just last year a day before my mom has to return to phils after her 1 month vacation here. since elot (my friend) is like a real sister to me her family is my family that's why i also call her tita ^_^

anyway i didn't expect that the party was to be held beside a river. riverside? whatever. basta there's a river :) luckily i was wearing my crocs which means i can make "tampisaw" ^_^

good people. plenty of food. superb place. ayos :D
somewhere in Hannou

the water is soooooo clear and sooooooo cool ^_^

our spot ^_^
fishing ^_^
i wish i have this kind of rest house ^_^
them: setting-up the ihawan
me: taking pictures (tamad) hee ^_^
other side of the river
the dog loves the river! reminds me of basuraman's labrador - yoshi and yuri ^_^
basuraman, we will go here. promise. i already told tita weng ^_^ hope elot and jep can join us ^o^

cheers to nature and good life


fiel-kun said...

Waah! ang ganda ng place. Sarap mag nature tripping jan XD

Yan ang gustong gusto ko sa Japan eh... talagang well-preserved ang environment nila ^^

sikoletlover said...

@fiel-kun - ang saya nga e. nakatakas saglit sa magulong mundo ng siyudad ^_^


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