Thursday, August 5, 2010

busy weekend part 2

aug 1 (sunday)

i had to wake up early on a Sunday morning. Ugh. went to Akihabara to buy some stuff. I was supposed to get off at Shinjuku station then transfer to Yamanote line to get to Akihabs. Unfortunately i overslept on the train and ended here...
buti na lang Tokyo station was the last stop. kung hindi baka kung saan na ako nakapunta (^_^)?

while looking for the stuff that i have to buy a bunch of people were looking at something and then the crowd started growing. dahil echosera akesh sugod mga kapatid ako sa scene of the crime. HOMAYGAS! this is what I saw.....

giant hamster? giant guinea pig? giant daga? i dunno. kumikislot-kislot pa nga e.

it was soo hot and humid that day. i have looked everywhere for the stuff and 4 out of 5 stores told me that it is out of stock. Aaaargh. Finally after 48 yrs i found the shop where I can buy the stuff. Immediately went home because I was starting to transform. Meaning inaaway ko na si Basuraman sa fon at sobrang badtrip nako.

Anyway my mood changed after seeing this for dinner...


Ate Rhodz's baby shower/advance birthday party. She will be on maternity leave by August 17 and since I haven't returned to Nippon by that time we held the party while we are still complete. walang masakit na ulo sa taong gutom :D

Pahabol...Aug 2 (monday)

another beer garden session. with the other members of our group. baka magtampo pag tinanggihan.

ang babaeng nakalulon ng pakwan na adik sa picture.

official beer

beer garden at night

uwian na!

tsukaretta desu ga tanoshikatta desu. nakiki-level pako kay curacha ^0^


fiel-kun said...

Giant dog ata yung malaking mascot thingy dun sa pic hehe xD

Waah, you mentioned Akihabara? naku yan din ang nasa most wanted list ko na lugar jan pag nakavisit ako sa Japan. Dami gadgets and anime stuffs jan na binebenta right?

sikoletlover said...

haha you're right. muntik masira ang ulo ni basuraman ng dinala ko sha sa akihabara during his vacation sa nihon ^_^

Anonymous said...

the beer looks refreshing. maybe i shld get one over the weekend too :)


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