Monday, February 27, 2012

Missing piece/s

Eversince my number one reader arrived here I started to neglect my blog. I was so busy that I haven't placed any entry for n months. Actually there was a part of me that thought there is no need for this blog to be updated since I am already with my labidabs. But then I remembered that, with or without readers, the purpose of this blog is
for me to have something to look/read back when my memory starts to fail me. (wish ko lang libre pa rin ang  blogspot by that time or nag-eexist pa rin ang blogspot) ^_^

So here's what happened in sikoletlover's life for the past 7 months. 

August 2011
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Included in our summer vacation itinerary was to go to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise with the Rinon family. It was my third time in this place and first time for Basuraman. During my first 2 visits I was able to ride only 1 attraction which is the Blue Fall.  This time we availed the 1 day pass for the park including the attractions. Ultimo carousel diko pinalampas!

With the Rinon Family

The Blue Fall


After going to Yokohama Sea Paradise, Basuraman and I stayed at a friend's house overnight and headed to Sakuragicho Station the next day. We just roamed around the area and stayed inside the mall most of the time because it was soooooo hot outside. Maybe we'll come back here in Autumn or Spring. Nakakatusta ng balat ang init!

Cosmo Clock 21

Yokohama Sea Port

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse "Aka Renga Souko" 
August 18, 2011

We turned 1 :) We celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary at our favorite place evarrr :D I am very happy  and grateful that we spent it together ^_^

September 2011

September 21, 2011. It was the day Typhoon No. 15 visited Tokyo. This was also the day sikoletlover turned 29 :)

I invited my Japanese colleague Hayakawa-san to attend my little 'birthday partei' and despite the very rough weather due to the typhoon she was able to come. Nakakatats! I wanted her to try Filipino dishes and she was very willing to do so. Eventhough Mommy Joy and I lack cooking skills, we managed to produce edible dishes. We prepared 2 types of pasta dish (Filipino style istapegi): one with meatballs using spaghetti pasta and the other one using penne pasta. There's also adobo, lumpiang shanghai, and crema de fruta for dessert. Plus sausages with marshmallow stuck in a cabbage (which is always present in my 'birthday parties'). I was very happy that Hayakawa-san liked the Filipino dishes we made. At first I was a bit skeptical with the spaghetti because it was sweet contrary to the spaghetti here which is sour (tomato based). Fortunately she liked it. She liked everything! She was very thankful when we packed a little of everything we prepared for her to take home.

Walang bagyo-bagyo sa bertdey ko!

because hotdog/sausage + marshmallow ina stick/toothpick is LoooooVe!

Well well well.. Hello there katamaran! be continued. pffffft....

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khantotantra said...

welcome back ms. sikolet.

belated happy anniv. sa inyo ng iyong labidabs :D


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