Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In the Beginning

Salamat sa katamaran at hanggang ngayon e hindi ko na naipost ang karugtong ng Missing Piece/s. Naisip kong gumawa ng panibagong blog ngunit aking napagtanto na kung eto ngang blog na ito e nabubulok na dahil walang bagong entry na mailagay gagawa pa ako ng bago. Ang weird ko magtagalog. Tae.

Anyways from now on I'll be posting things about my pregnancy ^_^ Yes! Babae po ako at napatunayan ko na meron nga akong matris!

Pregnancy....Sikoletlover's Way \(^_^)/

March 18 - Basuraman and I had this feeling that I am pregnant. Actually it was more of Basuraman's hunch. He's the one monitoring my menstrual cycle. Hanggang pagbibilang tamad ako. The night before I already did some testing and the result was positive. Until we saw that the kit was already expired. So I asked Basuraman to buy a pregnancy kit at the nearest drugstore. Of course we had to search for the Japanese term first so he can ask the salesperson directly since he can not read kanji. Pregnancy test kit is ninshin kensa kitto in Japanese (thank you google translate!). According to the articles I've read in the web, the best time of the day to test for pregnancy is during morning. It has something to do with high HCG in urine. But according to the kit I can test anytime. And since Basuraman was really anxious if I am pregnant or not I did a test later that afternoon. It turned out positive! And so is the test I did in the morning of the next day ^_^

March 19 - I called the Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Info Center hotline to ask for their help in finding me the nearest hospital/clinic specializing in Obstetrics/Gynecology that has an English speaking doctor. I was so grateful that they were able to find one which is only a 4-minute walk from the train station, has an English-speaking staff and a female English-speaking obstetrician. Yey! Two of my friends who had pregnancy here in Japan have male ob/gyne. Di yata carry ng powers ko yun. After work I went directly to the clinic for my check-up.

The highlight of my check-up was when I sat on "the chair" for my transvaginal ultrasound. JUSMIOMARIMAR! The chair lifted me (around 3.5ft from the ground) and bukaka to the highest level. MAYGASABELGAS... Ishikawa-sensei (I call her Lola OB 'coz she's kinda thundercat na) asked me to just relax. I tried to relax and Lola OB did her thing.

According to Lola OB I was already 5 weeks pregnant. Yey ulit! At first I can not believe that I am really pregnant. Ganito pala yun. I was very happy and nervous at the same time because it is my first time and I am in a foreign place away from my family. Buti na lang nandito si Basuraman.

I pray and hope that my pregnancy will go smoothly. I also pray for less earthquakes because they're making me nervous. Please pray for us. Please please please??? Thank you in advance. Pagpray rin namin kayo ni beybi ^_^

May God bless us all!

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Kayni said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Ang tagal mong nawala, but I'm so happy to hear your pregnant.

May giveaway ako sa blog ko. Sali ka, you can definitely use those tags para sa baby shower mo...he he he.

Take good care and God bless.


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