Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 6

March 27 - Time for my second check-up with Lola OB. The chair and I met again. By this week she was already expecting to see baby inside the gestational sac. From egg-shaped figure, my gestational sac took the form of a banana with baby slightly peeking at the center. I was asked to return to the clinic after a week for my baby's heartbeat.

The major change that happened to me since I confirmed that I was pregnant was my loss of appetite. Sometimes even thinking about food makes me want to throw up. It is just so weird since I like to eat (very obvious with my figure) and all of a sudden I don't want to eat anything. I would just eat because I need to. I am a little bit worried because this might affect baby. Baby might not be getting the nutrients that he/she needs.

I am starting to drink Anmum twice a day (thanks to Kuya Kim who just got back from Pinas), hoping the milk can cover some of the nutrients that I am not getting since I eat little. Also I am taking folic acid. Here in Japan Ob/Gynes do not usually prescribe vitamins to pregnant women. They rely on balanced diet. As what Lola OB had said to me vitamins are only needed if one is not taking meals. Unlike in the Philippines I think vitamins are automatically prescribed to pregnant women. Since I have a problem with my food intake I might look for vitamins here for pregnant women. We're having some problem sending vitamins from Pinas to Japan.

Sometimes I had to place pillow on my back when I go to sleep because of backpains. I walk at a very very very very very slow pace (parang lola lang. Minsan dinadaig ko pa ang matatanda). My 25 minute walk from our apartment to the office became 45 minutes. After work I will just take the bus in going home. I have a choice of going to the office by bus but the schedule in the nearest stop is either too early or late.

I always talk to baby everytime I feel some pain in my tummy and back. I always ask him/her to hold on tight. I even say sorry during times that I suddenly need to run. I always talk to him/her before I go to sleep.

Looking forward to my next check-up ^_^

May God bless us all!

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