Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 19-20

Cravings. My cravings don't last that long. Usually 3-4 days. I don't know if they're supposed to last long like weeks or months. So if ever my child will ask me kung saan ko siya pinaglihi...I don't know what to answer. During my first two months there was a time when I wanted tuyo. I don't have an appetite back then but when there's tuyo my food intake is normal. There was also a time when I asked Basuraman for tocino and Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdogs. But after having eaten them once i don't want them anymore. There was a day when I can eat 2 cobs of sweet corn or a quarter of a big watermelon in one eating.

Before I got pregnant Basuraman would always tell me that I shouldn't make my paglilihi a burden to him. That is what's happening right now. Everytime I tell Basuraman that I want something he will immediately say "where am I going to buy that? blah blah blah" (eventhough he knows where to buy it) or "just eat anything from our food storage". And then I'll end up eating nothing. Sleeping away my little, sudden cravings. What can I do I am not a spoiled pregnant woman...
Lately I've been sleeping late. Around 11 to 11:30pm. I hope it has no bad effect to baby. Sabi kasi nila bawal napupuyat ang buntis. Bad mummy.

Sleepyhead. Since I can't just sleep here in the office everytime I become sleepy I get headaches. But if I can't really help it I will go to the restroom to sleep for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I will just fall asleep on my chair in a sitting position for a few seconds. One sign that I've fallen asleep is when I suddenly make a loud noise out of my mouse or my pen.

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