Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 20

July 10 - It's my mom's birthday and my scheduled check-up with Lola OB. Luckily Basuraman was able to join me on my check-up. He was excited since it will be his first time to see baby in the ultrasound. Before they let Basuraman enter the room, Lola OB informed me first of the result of my last blood check-up. I forgot specifically what the check was for. Anyways it was negative meaning the result was normal. They just let Basuraman in when the ultrasound was already set-up. After
seeing baby for some minutes, the staff led Basuraman out of the room. As in super bilis! Nabitin tuloy si Basuraman. Maybe because Lola OB has many patients that was why the ultrasound seemed in a hurry. Baby was making pakitang-gilas and was very malikot during the ultrasound. And Basuraman was very happy ^_^ After the ultrasound the staff took a vial of my blood for Leukemia test. The result will be given on my next check-up which is on July 31. Baby is fine and growing healthy and normal according to Lola OB. Also she asked me if I feel pain in my legs or ankles. I do not know why she asked about it. I'll just ask her on my next check-up.

Basuraman: Mukha ka ng whale...Magandang whale :D

sa opis...
ako: Kuya Kim tumataba na ba ako?
Kuya Kim: ano ba namang tanong yan??? diko pansin e. (e kasi naman dati na ako mataba)
(sabay may sumabat)
X44: yung ilong mo lumalaki na

I am on my 5th month and compared to pregnant Japanese women here I already look like 9 months pregnant!


Rah said...

happy birthday mom!

fiel-kun said...

Congratulations on your soon to be baby Sikolet-chan! Regards also to pareng Basuraman :)

Kung mainit at summer na summer ang panahon nyo jan sa Japan, naku mahigit isang linggo nang mabagyo ang panahon dito sa Pinas >_<


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