Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 27-29

I'll try to write everything I can remember...

First weekend of September - I cleaned the veranda and removed my plants. There's no use of keeping them since they are all starting to wither and autumn/winter is coming. I also did a geneal cleaning of our apartment. By the end of the day I was so tired. Basuraman scolded me and reminded me that I am pregnant and should stop doing heavy household chores.

September 3 Monday - While I was taking a bath, preparing to go to work, I bled. I was so scared. The bleeding was kinda heavy that I asked Basuraman to take a leave of absence from work and accompany me to the clinic. I had an ultrasound and Lola OB checked baby. My cervix was still closed and baby was doing fine. She prescribed me an herbal medicine that I should take three times a day for 14 days. Though Lola OB wasn't able to tell the reason for my bleeding, I felt guilty and blamed myself for not being careful after what I did in the weekened.

By Wednesday I started to feel pain in my tummy just like menstrual cramps. The bleeding was starting to lessen. I decided to had another check-up on Friday. I told Lola OB about the pain. She checked my cervix and the condition of baby. It was still closed and baby is still in good condition. Lola OB advised that I should take a bedrest until my flight back to the Philippines which is on September 24. I called our manager and informed him of my situation. I had to take my maternity leave in the office earlier. I called my mom and talked to my friends regarding my bedrest. Ate Joy said na baka manganganak nako. I do not want to entertain that idea because I'm just in my 7th month. In two weeks time I'll be in the Philippines and will wait for another two months to give birth. I was praying really hard for my baby's safety and hoped that everything will be better before my flight. Basuraman and I decided that he will accompany me in going back to the Philippines even if it means we have to spend some of our savings for his ticket. I stopped reading things from the net because I am starting to get nervous. I asked my OB if I can get my medical certificate earlier so I can go back to the Philippines before September 24. She didn't allow me and said that I should first be OK before taking a flight because I might give birth in the airplane. I continued taking the medicine and followed her advise of bedrest.

Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 8&9) The pain was still there. It was becoming frequent at night and early morning. It was very intense that I started groaning. The pain then was accompanied by bleeding. I was crying to Basuraman. I was calling my OB but she was not answering her phone. Since the clinic is closed on Sundays, I told Basuraman to take another leave of absence on Monday to accompany me to the clinic especially if the bleeding and pain doesn't stop.


fiel-kun said...

Sikolet-chan, waaah don't tell me you had a miscarriage? wag naman *knock on wood*

hope to hear from you soon!

nyabach0i said...

I hope everything is okay with you and your baby.


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