Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 30 September 10, 2012

Morning - I felt so weak because of the pain and my bleeding was getting worse. I asked Basuraman to call Lola OB and talk to her about my situation. She asked us to come to the clinic by 4pm. But when Basuraman told her about my bleeding she said to come by 11am. I was praying and hoping that there was nothing wrong with my baby. I was crying and on the brink of asking Basuraman to call the ambulance. I tried to remain calm while Basuraman was calling for a taxi. I was having a hard time walking. Lumagpas pa si Manong driver pagdating sa clinic so I have to walk a few steps. The path was inclined a little bit and it made walking painful. The staff at the reception desk asked me if I was OK. I just looked at her and said nothing while handing my insurance card and clinic ID (clinics/hospitals here issue an ID where the personal information and record of the patient is stored). I just closed my eyes and waited patiently for my turn. When I was called I immediately told Lola OB of what's been happening to me. She would have seen it in my face how bad I was feeling. She hurriedly told her staff to prepare the things for my ultrasound check. 

After the ultrasound she asked me to dress up immediately and proceed to the other side of the room. This time she didn't tell me right away what she'd seen in the monitor/check. It's like everyone was in a hurry. Basuraman was brought inside the room. Lola OB told us that my cervix was already open and I will be giving birth anytime. It was like "Ha? Totoo ba ito? Am I dreaming? This can't be happening". Sa sobrang kaba at nerbiyos ko hindi ko nakuhang umiyak. I was led to another room to lay down while Lola OB was calling the ambulance. One of her staff was trying to comfort me. I can hear Lola OB making calls. Maybe looking for a hospital that has an English-speaking staff/doctor.

Mixed emotions. Kahit yung mukha ni Basuraman blanko. Hindi ko alam kung anong nararamdaman niya at that time nung sinabing manganganak nako. I was only 7 months pregnant. What will happen to my baby? This really shouldn't be happening.

First time kong ma-ambulansya sa tanang buhay ko. First close encounter ko sa ambulansya dito e nung inatake ng vertigo si Ate Joy. Actually we didn't know what's happening to her that's why Kuya Roel decided to call 119. Oha binaligtad na 911. Pahirapan pa sa pagsasabi ng address namin and condition ni Ate Joy dahil hindi marunong mag-english yung operator. Anyways ang kagandahan lang sa case ko is kinausap na ni Lola OB yung magdadala sa kin sa hospital. I was brought to Musashino Red Cross Hospital. Since pareho naman kami ni Basuraman na nakakaintindi ng basic Japanese nasagot naman namin yung questions ng paramedics on our way to the hospital. The one assisting us/beside me was very kind. He will always say sorry everytime the ride becomes bumpy. He would even tap my hand everytime he sees that I am in pain. Nagpaumanhin pa yung driver na we have to stop for a while kasi dadaan yung train. And it was for free. Sabi kasi ng mga nakausap ko ang ambulansya sa Pinas may bayad. Pagdating sa hospital yung paramedics na ang nagabot ng documents from the clinic. Hindi kami iniwanan ng paramedics hanggang di ako naitu-turnover sa hospital ng maayos.

I was brought to the emergency room. Someone took my blood pressure and they immediately checked baby's heartbeat. Good thing was she's still doing fine. Andaming nurses/midwives/doctors sa emergency room e ako lang naman ang pasyente. Diko nga alam kung usi lang ba yung iba dun. Anyways it was my first time so hindi ko alam kung ganun ba talaga. Sobrang asikaso nila. Merong nakahawak sa kamay ko. May humahagod sa braso ko everytime I wince in pain. Yung marurunong mag-english they try to calm me kahit hirap na hirap sila sa pag-eenglish. Yung tipong nawala talaga yung nerbiyos ko saglit dahil kahit hindi ko sila kakilala they did their best to comfort me. The doctor did an ultrasound to fully check my baby. Kebs na kung lalaki yung OB. According to Sakamoto Sensei I was already 6cm dilated and my water bag already broke. They were asking when my water bag broke. I can't answer them because I didn't know when. I also told them about the medicine Lola OB prescribed to me when I was having contractions. They wondered why I was taking that medicine. Anyways according to Sensei the reason why I am having a preterm labor is due to uterine contractions caused by bacterial infection. I didn't know that I was already undergoing preterm labor during the times when I felt contractions. Anytime soon I will be giving birth. At first he said I can do normal delivery so we have to wait. I was brought to another room. After a few minutes(I already forgot kung gano katagal ang lumipas) Sensei did another ultrasound check. I was already 7cm dilated. Then he said that he has to perform a Ceasarean operation as soon as possible becaise baby already drank some of the infected water and she has to be removed immediately from my womb. There was one problem. The operating room was not available. They told me that if the OR won't be available in the next 30 minutes they have to perform the operation in the room where I was staying. Sensei told me what he will do. Basuraman was signing all the papers needed. They changed my clothes. Equipments were brought inside the room for additional tests like mammography, ecg, etc. Their equipments were portable. They checked if I have earrings or contact lens or if I have nail polish. Then they shaved my private part. Tapos biglang we were informed that I will be undergoing operation in 20 minutes dahil available na ang OR. Everything went so fast. While they were preparing for the operation someone was talking to me while holding my hand. She said she will be the one bringing my baby in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) once she comes out from me. If there will be no problem she can show my baby to me. But if there's something wrong they have to immediately bring her to the NICU. I was given an epidural anesthetic. At 3:05 in the afternoon I gave birth to a baby girl. I wasn't able to see her. I just knew that there were persons running and my baby was with them.

While writing this entry I am teary-eyed. Ang bigat sa pakiramdam. Parang panaginip lang lahat....


nyabach0i said...

hindi ako makahinga sa mga nabasa ko. :(

fiel-kun said...

Sikolet-chan!!! grabe pala yung ordeal that you went through while giving birth. Kung anu man yung isusulat mo sa next installment nitong giving birth mo, I am just praying na sana maayos na ang lahat on your side, specially yung health ni baby girl mo.


Kayni said...

Sending you prayers and love. Please update how you and your baby doing.

khantotantra said...

:( based sa story medyo nakakatakot at nakakakaba yung pinagdaanan mo. I don't want to jump to conclusion kung anong nangyare so i will be waiting for the next part.


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