Friday, May 29, 2009


i forgot my phone in the office....why do you need an iphone if NO ONE's calling you or sending you email or SMSing you. my goodness. i hate irony.... lech!

tumitibok pa rin ulo ko. shet ulit.

naha-high na ako sa katinko.

umuulan pa rin.

i'm beginning to love chuck bass. but i love the artist more. kiligness. heeee

ooh i don't love the artist. i hate him pala. coz he is palikero. i hate palikero guys coz sweats usually build up on my nose.

the tax here is killing me. arrrrrrgh!

katrina-hayden sex scandal = senate hearing????!!!! what the fuck is this???? you pay your taxes for these unbelievable government officials to have a senate hearing on a sex scandal???? AANGAT BA ANG EKONOMIYA NG PILIPINAS KAPAG NARESOLBA YANG LECHENG SEX SCANDAL NA YAN? MAGKAKAROON BA NG MARAMING SILID ARALAN KAPAG NABIGYAN NG KATARUNGAN SI HALILI? MAWAWALA BA ANG MGA TERORISTA SA PILIPINAS KAPAG NAKULONG SI HAYDEN?

nakakaawa si katrina halili kasi binaboy daw sha. yeah right. kiss yer ass bitch. so we should pity those bitches fucking other girls' boyfriends? go girl. pwe!

so here's a tip: if you want to be sensationalized in using videos (esp. sex videos) don't say it's because of love. i've already heard that kind of excuse but you'll just stay in the limelight for a week. just say that you didn't know there's a camera, make yourself kawawa and sue the man who made baboy to you. forget the issue if you're screwing your friend's boyfriend. it'll be covered. andali di ba?

i am a woman but i don't feel for halili. i can't. and i won't. i do not want to blame others for the consequences of my actions. BOW.

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