Sunday, May 24, 2009

i i i i i i ay i i i i i i

at may karugtong pa ang number 10.....

11. Confessions of a shopaholic - boring. the lead actress wasn't stunning. kung si anne hatchaway (shet diko alam spelling. yung sa princess diary) yung girl it would be better. the guy was uhmmm pwede na. i love his accent. it's still boring. ho humm....


aypong and aychuns are giving me headaches. goodbye click and drag. grrrr....


during lunch we were watching this korean version of meteor garden. it has this weird title. boys before flower ba yun. anyway i kinda like the guy portraying the role of Dao Ming Su (the hell i care with the spelling). Cuteness haha (^O^) lemme just copy what kuya kim would always say.... "mahal ko na sha..." heeee


i'm really liking gossip girl. but not yet a die hard fan.


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