Wednesday, April 14, 2010

if a picture paints a thousand miles away...

i like taking pictures. pag hindi ako tinatamad (^_^)

so when i wanted to buy a camera last year i didn't opt for a DSLR. hindi naman ako mahilig maki-uso.

i am not really into photography. i'm a point and shoot person. if i like the subject i'll get my iphone or if i really really like to take the picture i'll use my digicam. ganun lang kasimple.

while waiting for our turn in the badminton court i wander around the area for some exercise and to take some pics. using my iphone's cam i started taking pictures.

 ok na sana kaso may sumabit.

saw this penk tooleep infront of our office's bus waiting area. took the risk of getting caught by manong guard coz i think we're not supposed to be there because an incoming bus might hit us.

aren't they lovely?

nagkalat lang sa daan. para lang damo (^_^)

lahat na lang kinakatamaran ko.

that's all folks!


Anonymous said...

kelan kaya ako makakakita ng cherry blossoms sa personal.haist!

sikoletlover said...

malay mo magkaroon ka ng business trip sa country na may sakura. itaon mo na lang na spring :)


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