Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birthday request

fairy tales are for fools like me....


i miss my family

i miss my friends

i miss basuraman

i miss eating turon and drinking palamig outside BSU (bigla ko lang namiss)

i had the weirdest dream today while taking a nap during lunch break.  It just felt so real. I was on my way home to Bulacan. I was very happy and kinda giddy. That's all I can remember. Maybe I'm just missing home. hay....


Last year I requested my friends to send their pictures with a message of their birthday greetings for me. (pathetic ko no? hindi ko man sila hinintay na kusang magbigay). A few (few=5) responded and Midnight Driver and Co. even made a video(back then when they weren't yet disbanded).

I know I'm too old for this and will surely make me look pathetic. But this kind of stuff makes me happy :) I dunno why :D So on the anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law I will be celebrating my birthday and I hope you can send me your greetings thru a picture (or even a video). Pangarap ko 'to. Sana'y tuparin ninyo LOL

send 'em at

Thank you! mwah mwah mwah!

(syet I can't believe i posted this.)


anney said...

I hope maraming mahal mo sa buhay ang mag greet sayo sa bday mo. Ok lang na mag bday request tutal bday mo naman yun at once a year lang i celebrate. You deserve to be happy. Advance Happy bday! God Bless!

Super Balentong said...

sususbukan ko pero walang garantya. happy bday!

sikoletlover said...

@anney - salamat :) di nako umaasa. mga tamad yun haha

@super balentong - salamat sa pagbati :)


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