Monday, September 20, 2010

1 month and counting

(kagabi ko pa dapat ito ipopost kaso inunahan ako ni antok. )

conversation with my mom earlier via skype...

mamoo: happy anniversary!
ako: ha? di ba dapat happy birthday? tsaka sa martes pa yun e.
mamoo: di ba 18 kahapon? 1 month na kayo kasal ni basuraman. (of course my mom doesn't call "him" basuraman).
ako: yeah right...


conversation with a friend via ym...

friend: congrats!
ako; thank you :)
friend: musta na kayo ni basuraman?
ako: sem-sem (same-same). andun sha. andito ako.
friend: anong feeling ng may asawa?
ako: ahmmmm....


yesterday was our 1st monthsary as husband and wife. eeek "monthsary" :P actually i remembered that it was our 1st month yesterday while we were in the middle of an emotional conversation. issues. plans. the "emotional conversation" was brought to you by PMS. yeah damn PMS.

i dunno what to say when people ask me of what's the "feeling" of being married. We got married on 18 then I went back here on 22. so officially i was with my husband for 4-5 days. hindi pa whole day yung 22. masagot lang yung tanong na yun i would always say "ok lang. ganun pa rin."

after the board exam we have to go on separate ways because i got a job in tarlac and him in paranaque. we were like this for 5 years. 2 weeks after my last day in tarlac i was already here in tokyo for my next job. talk about long distance relationship eh?

we've been through a lot of things because of our situation. we have to make sacrifices and we hope we are making the right decision. i know sooner or later we will be together.

awts.... my heart is aching again. i miss basuraman T_T

parang longganisa lang :P


I am Xprosaic said...

Ahihihihihihihi congrats! Yaan mo magiging maayos din ang lahat in the future yung tipong mawawala na ang long distance relationship... malay niyo lang... hehehehhehehe

khantotantra said...

congrats. monthsary nio pala... :D
basta may constant communication, long distance rel. will not be a prob.

Jag said...

Wow! Ommedetou gozaimasu in your 1st month as husband and wife...oo khit magkalayo kayo basta't may communication lng parati...God bless!

Anonymous said...

Ayiiii!! Hangswitt! Congrats po. Okay lang yan kahit LDR. Basta't meron love and trust, magiging okay ang lahat.. Gandang araw...

fiel-kun said...

Aww... ang sweet XD

Happy First Monthsary sa inyo ni kuya Basuraman XD

Para sa iyo ang quote na ito:
"Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough..."

Jepoy said...

I just really wish na maging mag kasama na kayo in the near future for good. Hindi ko maimagine ang hirap pag titiis at sakin sa puson sa LDR hihihi. Seriously, I hope you'll be together soon. Life is too short, :-D

Anonymous said...

Happy wedding monthsary sa inyo!

YanaH said...

wow! congrats!
im sure there will be more "sary"s to come... for you guys to celebrate together.. darating din yung time na magiging magkasama na tlaga kayo..

keep the fire burning!

Basuraman said...

I'll love you... till forever ends.

sikoletlover said...

@Xprosaic- thanks! sana umayon yung mga plans namin.

@khanto - salamat :) buti nga may internet e.

@Jag - arigatou gozaimasu ^_^

@Leah - tenchu!

@fiel-kun - paiiyakin pako ng quote mo...

@Jepoy - awww thank you much :) pero isingit talaga yung sakit ng puson no :P

@dadi kuri - thanks :)

@YanaH - thank you. looking forward to that time :D

@Basuraman - 'tll forever ends...i'll love you (^_^)

anney said...

Happy 1st monthsary sa inyo! I'm sure one day e magkakasama din kayo at together forever na yun! God Bless!

Robbie said...

Wow newly wed ka pala! Congrats on the wedding. Mahirap mag-maintain ng LDR so I commend you guys for that. =)

-The Creative Dork

sikoletlover said...

@anney - thank you and God bless you too :)

@Robbie - thank you :)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Belated greet Sikoletlover. Be strong. Kaya n'yo yan. ^_^


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