Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mother knows best

When I had to move to another country for my new job I asked my mom to make curtains for me. I know I can buy the curtains wherever place I will be but I just want something that is created by my mom. Since I have trouble sleeping in a very bright surrounding I see to it that my windows have curtains to block the light coming from outside. My mom would choose the pattern of the cloth from plain to floral. There was a time when she just picked two cloths with different pattern and combined the two to make my curtains. These past few days I was considering of changing my curtains to vertical blinds. The color of my curtains is stating to fade due to frequent washing. I am also planning to change the theme of my room so the curtain also has to go. I got the idea of the blinds when I had a chance to visit my husband’s sister’s house last year and saw her blinds. It was awesome and since it is customized I can add some tweak in my blinds. How great is that? I am getting excited again.

Since my mom’s curtains will be gone I will be asking her to make me a set of bed sheet. I just hope this time she won’t play with weird combination of patterns and colors again. Love you mamoo ^_^

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