Saturday, March 26, 2011


The first time TEPCO announced the scheduled power outage, people started again to panic buy. This time flashlights, batteries, rechargeable lamps and the likes easily vanished in stores. Even candles were not spared. We were able to buy a small flashlight and a pack of candles from the 100yen shop. We tried to minimize the usage of the candles by alternately using our laptops as source of light. I even used my kindle. Scheduled brownouts usually last for 2-3 hrs. So it was not really that bad.

When TEPCO and the government asked everybody to save electricity everyone responded. These are my observations.
-       Lights from the vending machines are turned off (leaving only the lights of the selection buttons on).
-       Grocery stores also lessened the number of lights in use. Same with the convenient stores. Even the temperatures on the coolers/chillers/refrigerators were set higher than the usual. There is this one store (Maruetsu) which has an escalator still unoperational. Kawawa tuloy ang mga thundercats.
-       Lights on the displays of some shopping malls are turned off. Electronic billboards are not in full operation.
-       Government offices use less numbers of elevators as well as the number of lights switched on.
-       In our office 50% of the elevators are temporarily not being used. Lights on the hallways are switched off. Nakakatakot tuloy lumabas sa gabi. Ako na matatakutin.  I think they also turned off the warmer for the seat covers of the toilet. Lamig tuloy sa pwet hehe.

Siyempre pahuhuli ba naman kami ^_^

- There are nights when I sleep at Ate Joy and Kuya Roel's room so we just have to use 1 heater.
- We eat at the same time so that we can turn off the lights in the kitchen as soon as the chores are finished.
- Before we sleep we turn off our heaters or set the timer for an hour.

What I do not like about the system of the TEPCO is that when they see that the supply of electricity is enough they cancel the brownouts 2 hours before the scheduled time. This is a problem in our company. Just like what happened last Thursday and Wednesday. The company decided to transfer the Saturday and Sunday rest days to Thursday and Friday because of the scheduled brownout. Thursday and Friday came but no brownout happened. TEPCO decided to cancel them. Hassle. Sayang. I know they have been thinking a lot about the nuclear plant problem but I hope they can fix this issue.

      Bottled mineral waters are starting to be available in supermarkets but selling is restricted to 1 bottle per person. The ban on giving tap water to infants was already lifted. However we still refrain from drinking tap water. Palipasin muna namin ang 1 linggo. Nag-iingat lang kami. So aside from bottled water I'm taking sports drink and Calpis water. Yun na lang kasi ang available sa grocery the last time I went there.

    Thank you very much for the words of encouragement. For the positivity. For the prayers. With God on our side I believe this too shall pass. ^_^

oyasumi nasai!


Anonymous said...

Kaya mo iyan, sikulet! Nandito lang kami. Salamat nga pala doon sa in-email mong sagot sa tanong ko, now I know.. :D

fiel-kun said...

Ohayou sikolet-chan!

I'm really glad na medyo bumubuti na ang sitwasyon niyo jan kahit papaano. Basta ingat kayo palagi jan and dont forget to pray to our God Almighty.

Natutuwa din ako sa mga Hapon, talagang isa sila sa mga pinak disiplinadong tao sa Asia or sa buong mundo. Basta pag sinabing magtipid sa kuryente, talagang sumusunod sila. *applause* Sana lahat ng tao sa mundo, lalo na dito sa Pinas ay ganyan din ang takbo ng pagiisip tulad sa kanila ^_^

God Bless!

khantotantra said...

kudos at talagang masunurin ang mga tao dyan. may cooperation sa implementasyon at rules

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

D'yan ako bilib sa mga Japanese. Obedient and disciplined. Kapag sinabing magtipid, talagang tipid mode sila.


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