Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Week After

To make up for the loss of power from the crippled nuclear plants, TEPCO announced that there will be scheduled rolling power cuts. The first planned power outage in Japan after World War II. The power outages do not affect central Tokyo. Unfortunately we're not part of central Tokyo that's why we are affected. The roration brownout started in our place last Wednesday. The power outage lasted for 2 hours, from 7pm-9pm.
our first candlelit dinner. parang nasa pinas lang ^_^
Last Thursday I did not go to office because it's my furikae (exchange rest day). Despite the crisis that's happening I went with my original plan of going to the immigration office to fix some papers. I was soooo surprised with the number of people lined up applying for re-entry permit. People of different nationalities (most of them are Chinese). Because I was scared of being stranded in that place (the papers can wait) I decided to leave immediately and search Tachikawa area for rice. Yes we're running out of rice.

As you all know people started panic buying as soon as they've heard of the power outage, the nuclear plant disaster and the possibility of another big quake. They are hoarding food and water in convenient and grocery stores. Even gasoline. Sa Pilipinas kapag nagpanic buying na ang mga tao malaki pa rin ang posibilidad na may mabili ka pa kasi hindi lahat ng tao may pera. E dito lahat may pera kaya wala na talagang mabili.

The scene in the first grocery store I went.

toilet paper rack

wala pa ring tinapay

cup nudols rack
But GOD is GOOD.

I was able to buy bread in the fifth grocery store that I went. ^_^

Less aftershocks. For the last 3 days just once per day.

A friend of Ate Joy's called today and told her of the 10kilos of rice she sent for us. Then we learned from a Japanese friend that we can buy rice in his place. yey ^_^

Today after work we went to our "suking" grocery store and we're kinda relieved that we were  able to buy meat, veggies and some stuff that we need. There's still no bread and rice but we are very very very thankful of what we've bought. ^_^

There is still the nuclear plant problem and the nuke plant disaster rating was raised to 5 but I believe God won't let any harm come to us.

God bless the people in Fukushima. 
Please continue praying for Japan.


Thank you to those who have showed concern. Thank you for including us in  your prayers. Thank you thank you thank you! luv yah all! Let's continue praying ^_^

Isa pang pahabol....

Nung nagbrownout ulit nung Huwebes ng gabi patok na patok ang Christmas gift sakin ni Basuraman.

Kindle - subok na maasahan sa panahon ng brownout ^_^
oyasumi nasai!


Jepoy said...

grabe yung panic buying! Scary! I'll continue to pray for Japan and for your safety...Stay safe!

kayni said...

glad to hear you're ok. take good care. God bless.

khantotantra said...

over ang panic buying sikolet, simut ang rack. mapepera nga sila

Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera said...

naaalala ko yung panic buying nung panahon ng ondoy.. urong sulong yun mga buyers.. hehehe.. kukuha ibabalik kukuha ibabalik kc limitado yung dalang pera.. aminado ako.. isa ako sa urong sulong na yun sa grocery store.. hehehe.. kaming mga nandito sa pinas lagi naming pinagdadasal kaligtasan ng mga pinoy jan.. mga hapon.. at ibang nationalities.. pinagdadasal ang kaligtasan ng lahat ng tao.. hindi lang sa japan kundi sa buong mundo..

mots said...

ingat ka lagi dyan..

A-Z-3-L said...

i am praying that everything will be back to normal over there.

just keep the faith.

ingat ka jan :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Kapag dito sa Pilipinas, talagang laging may stock, hindi mauubusan. Basta, have faith, sikolet. :D

Marvin said...

Let's just hope and pray that this crisis will be over soon... Have a good and blessed weekend... :)

Favor... can you please give me a comment on my blogpost on smart broadband blowout..

It is a contest from nuffnang... thanks...

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

I hope makabangon agad ang bansang Japan sa nangyari..

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Thanks God ur safe... lam mong dito lang kami for u! Godbless always!

halojin said...

baSTA ate sikoletlover! maniwala po kayo aT magiging ayus din po ang lahat.. ang hirap pag wala ka ng mabili sa market ai... GOD BLESS you always po.. sensya na po kung d ako naka bisita nitong mga nakaraan sobrang busy pa rin po kami sa thesis namin..


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