Friday, August 10, 2012

Week 21-22

The Acrobat

The greatest feeling I've felt so far during my pregnancy is being able to feel baby's movements inside my tummy. Baby never fails to amaze me everytime he/she moves. There are times when I get startled by his/her sudden movements. At first I was the only one who was able to feel it . After some few days Basuraman was able to feel baby too and we were able to see my belly move! Sometimes I would imagine baby doing somersaults or even breakdancing haha We were thinking baby might be a boy because of his/her active movements but according to the net it is normal and doesn't necessarily means that baby is a boy.

Usually I feel baby's big wiggles/kicks/punches during these times: before I go to sleep, before I take my lunch (around 11am), before I take a short nap after lunch and after eating dinner. As of this typing, baby is moving, pretending to be a little drummer boy/girl. While sitting or lying on bed, sometimes I would just stare at my belly and wait for baby to move ^_^

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