Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 23

July 31
Lola OB and I met again for my check-up. I waited a little longer this time before my name was called. She advised that I should lessen my intake of salty foods as it was seen in my last test that the result was high (I forgot the term for that test). This is also to prevent edema. Baby is growing well as was seen in the ultrasound. After my pelvic ultrasound I got confused because the staff took my shoes and found a pair of slippers on the floor. After waiting for a few minutes the staff called my name and wasn't expecting that Lola OB will be doing a transvaginal ultrasound. According to her she will be checking my uterus. And of course I had to sit on "the chair". After the ultrasound Lola OB told me that my uterus was clean and normal and my next check-up is on August 22.

while talking to my mom on  the phone....

ako: pano ko ba malalaman na minamanas ako?
mother dear: pag namaga paa mo. tapos pag pinindot mo lulubog daliri mo.
ako: e pano yun matagal ng mukhang maga paa ko (e kasi naman ang taba ko)
mother dear: wahahahaha

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fiel-kun said...

Soon to be mommy ka na talaga Sikolet-chan! I'm sure you're super excited na sa pagdating ng baby nyo ni pareng Basuraman. So, magiging Japanese citizen ang baby nyo right?


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