Sunday, February 14, 2010

wishes do come true

Dec. 29, 2008 - Christmas is over and yet I made a Christmas wish list.
Actually i did not expect that some of my wishes would come true. Out of nowhere I just remembered that post and I can't stop smiling. kalowka :)
actually up to now i'm kinda giddy :) ang galing. that's why from now on I will go for the realistic ones. Pag-iisipan ko na ng mabuti ang aking Christmas wish list for 2010 yey!

(Some of the wishes were given by myself hehe)

1. i've already bought a pair of pants. not just one :)
2. i bought my Canon Powershot G11 October 2009 :)
3. i still do not have my own movie house but....i was able to watch Twilight and New Moon in the big screen :)
4. basuraman gave me an original DVD of Twilight before I left for Japan :)
5. basuraman gave me a complete set of Twilight books as Christmas present :) (2009)
6. got an iphone 3g last April 2009
7. i'm still hoping for this one haha
8. i got a new job early last year (2009)  and i can say that my pay here is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than in the last company I attended in the Phils. i'm very grateful :)
9 and 9a. hindi masama mangarap kaya sa tingin ko may posibilidad pa ring magkatotoo ito haha :D
10. it's part of him that i should learn to deal with. love will conquer everything :)

so i hope one of these days i can make my wish list for December 2010. and this time I'm gonna aim higher!

thanks BRO :)

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