Sunday, February 14, 2010

katamaran go away!

wanted to go outside kaso it's snowing :(
kaya bulok mode na naman ako dito sa apartment. woke up at 2am earlier to answer the phone. my sis called that she would be online at around 5am. woke up again at the sound of my phone ringing. magie called again and she's already online. turned on my laptop and logged in to skype. magie's not online so i tried ym. the laptop she's using doesn't have skype so i just typed everything on ym 'cause the audio is not working. typing with one finger and one eye opened at 5am is not good. ang hirap kaya....

(i typed this last saturday. i didn't finish the post 'cause i'm tamad. mawala na sana sa sistema ko ang katamaran. buset sha.)


they say that the worst place to work is in Japan. i think I can already feel it.....

isang bagay lang ang na-accomplish ko ngayon - ang maglinis ng kwarto.

1. papers for renewal of visa - pag natapos na mag-apply yung iba naming kasama
2. papers ni cy for visa application - nasa office pala copy ko. hindi ko rin alam na nandoon. diko tuloy nakuha para ayusin ngayong weekend.
3. deadline on wednesday, technical report and research work with matching support to the new hires-  pass. ayokong dalhin ang stress sa bahay. my room only welcomes/entertains happiness :) no room for work because work is evil and evil is not happiness harharharhar


guide me BRO...

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