Sunday, January 31, 2010


yesterday my foster parents and I went to Ginza for a yakiniku tabehodai (eat-all-you-can resto where you grill your own food). Daddy Roel paid for my lunch kasi araw ng sahod :)

this is the place...

kung mahilig ka sa mga inihaw at matakaw ka eh this is the place for you :) just add 200 yen for the unlimited drinks. meron na rin shang kasamang dessert. the tabehodai is good for one hour.


while walking along Ginza St. I saw this....

gusto ko ng ganitong christmas tree! i love the inside of the store. nahiya na lang ako magtake ng picture. everything's shining shimmering splendid! :)


and while inside the Donki shop e naagaw ng item na itey ang aking aten----shen!

cute na sana kaso mejo disturbing yung name niya. the item is a rug.


ambilis ng weekend! pasok na naman tom. OT week na naman. But i am not complaining :) I am tired but it means that I have work.


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