Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ay Caramba!

we are starting to have hot nights. ang ineeeeet! diko mashadong naramdaman ang spring. parang after winter summer kagad. oh well....


we tried grilling squid last week. and this is the result...

we bought the squids at 350 yen for 7 pcs. not bad eh?


one of my colleagues gave us this omiyage (pasalubong).

it's not the usual mochi or chocolate. so we asked Hayakawa-san to teach us how to eat that thing. shempre kuya kim as our mowdel.

i haven't tried mine. i'm always busog kasi.


my babies have grown very big! ok not so big. just exaggerating. but they are really growing! i love them :)

after leaving them for some hours this afternoon i saw this.

good thing nothing was broken. they just really want to kiss the ground. so i have to put my markers again for temporary support.

tomorrow i'll be going back again to daiso to get some stuff that can help my babies stand strong amidst the heavy wind.


currently watching The Simpsons. lovin' 'em!


OmniSevenStar said...

Pahingi pushit ;-)

sikoletlover said...

pushit pushit some more ^_^


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