Friday, June 18, 2010


my blog will be turning 2 yrs.old this august. i started blogging when the cavemen discovered fire. matanda nako mashado nako makakalimutin. after a year of blogging in blog-city i had to revert to other sites offering free blogging because blog-city will already terminate its free blogging service. i was already writing for 1 year when it happened. so i tried multiply. but before multiply there was friendster's blogs. i also had a few posts in a livejournal account and myspace. i was already ok with multiply until something personal happened that i had to stop posting entries. blog is some kind of an emotional outlet to me so i had to create one after my multiply account. behold! was born!

yun lang ^_^


FIFA fever is here! Last June 11 was the official kick-off of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Last Tuesday (June 15) Japan won over Cameroon with a score of 1-0. Japan had its first FIFA World Cup win in a foreign soil. It was really good for the team to win its opening game. Even my colleagues went home early for the game. This Saturday (June 19) Japan will be battling against Netherlands. Madami na naman mapupuyat! ^0^


(in random order....)

fire in Bangkok

earthquake in Haiti and Mexico

Haiti's presidential palace

giant sinkhole in Guatemala

 flash flood Ondoy in the Philippines

flood in Jeddah

endless war in Iraq

and today Singapore had its taste of mother nature's wrath


let us pray for the everyday safety of our loved ones including also ourselves. we don't know what will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

God bless the world. Amen

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