Sunday, June 27, 2010

plant and you shall reap

well well well...

what do we have here...


my babies have flowers. And flowers = FRUITS! uber happy ^_^ since they are growing bigger and bigger everyday *haha exag* last week or last last week? i forgot heee. i think it's last last week. again again again. last last week  i placed support on each tomato plant. i bought the circle thing at daiso and the little pole at CONAN(an everything-you-need store).

the third container holds my bitter gourd (or ampalaya in tagalog and goya in japanese). tinitignan ko lang sila nawawala na ang pagod ko sa magdamag maghapon na trabaho.

kindly click to enlarge :) kung gusto mo lang naman maka-relate :)

did you see the two seedlings  trying to push their way up the soil? they are my green bell pepper seedlings :) don't mind the one with a tiny leaf. ligaw na damo lang sha. i just placed 4 seeds in the soil and waited if they will grow. after 2 weeks of waiting that is what i saw. i feel a green thumb here. feelingera :D

because i was too busy with work i wasn't able to post the pics of my little farmville  last week. took the pictures last sunday (june 20). tomorrow i"ll be taking again some pictures because the flowers are already starting to bloom and my bitter gourd seedlings are growing fast together with my bell peppers. whew!

my ampalaya seedlings! :)

bell pepper :)

my plants are located in front of our apartment (along the hallway) since we live on the second floor.

green is love :)

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