Monday, June 28, 2010

sleepyhead tomato

was very sleepy the whole day. went home at around 8pm. grilled the fish for dinner. dumped the laundry in the washing machine. one more round to go. waiting for mommy joy so we can eat dinner together. will be calling basuraman in a few minutes to say that i have to sleep early and i can't wait for him to go online *yawn*.


after my afternoon nap mommy joy told me that an old lady talked to Kuya Allan (husband of my colleague who lives 3-4 doors from our apartment) and was complaining about my tomatoes/plants. she said it was "DAME" - no good/bad. i wanted to cry the moment i heard that. it's like they want to take away my happiness T_T this weekend i will go to our landlord to ask if they do not really permit plants in front of the apartment. baka kasi di pwede pagmultahin pako :( for the meantime i placed them in the corner para hindi mainit sa mata hehe. sakto kasi sha sa tapat ng hagdanan. nainggit siguro yung thundercats. hmp! if the landlord will prohibit the placement of plants in front of our apartment i have no choice but to move my plants in the laundry area :(  hay... sad...

anyway this is what they look like now. taken yesterday night after watering them :)

konti na lang mas malaki na sila sa akin :D

pwede na kami magluto ng balatong/munggo :D

i wonder how those tiny stems can hold the fruits. pwera usog! :)

love love love!

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