Sunday, June 27, 2010

new ride

after a year of using my hand down bike from kuya kim i decided to buy a new one two weeks ago. dahil laging sinasabi ni kuya mylo na dati otso na yung gulong e ngayon nuwebe na natakot ako na isang araw baka bigla na lang ako maaksidente.
sorry for the crappy picture. i just searched earlier on how to blur the background of a picture and immediately stopped on step 3 after achieving that effect. katamaran in progress. anyhoo lucky me the bike was on sale. the usual price of bike is around 9k yen to 12k yen. i bought this bike for only 6k yen. brand new ^_^ yun nga lang made in china hehe

unfortunately last thursday (june 24) i had an accident with this bike. actually it wasn't my fault. it was our side's turn to cross the street. the stoplight was already green and the cars were already in full stop. as i was crossing the street all of a sudden a bike appeared clashing with mine. i got hurt but not that much. i almost fell from my bike. from the look of the guy i think he is a student. i wasn't able to say anything. the guy keeps on saying "sumimasen. daijoubu desuka?"  (sorry. are you OK?)

i got this minor bruise as a remembrance. nothing serious :)
(note: binti lang yan. hindi pa yan yung hita ko hehe)

because i think we were already making an eksena i just left the guy and crossed the street. i stopped for a while and called ate joy because i was starting to palpitate. i wanted somebody to know what happened to relieve my nerbiyos. that's why now i am very super duper over mega careful in crossing the street. yun ngang maingat nako may aksidente pa ring nangyari. hay. accidents happen....


last june 15 our dear cholo celebrated his 4th birthday :)


the video was taken by my sister last april 2007. magie and i misses him very much since i'm in japan and magie is in UAE. anyway i will be seeing my bunsoy in a few months :)

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