Thursday, July 1, 2010

something new

replaced my blog title. copied the one i'm using in my multiply. wala lang. sumakit ang bangs ko sa kaiisip sa ilalagay dun din ako bumagsak. with matching crappy description. pagod nako mag-isip anubeh. then i also tried placing a picture. i give up. so far that's the best pic i can place. i still have to watch True Blood Season 3 Ep. 3.

me wants this bag!

According to the forum where i saw the bag it is Burberry Blue Label. Burberry Blue Label bought the license from Burberry London and is exclusive in Japan. I heard the prices of the items are cheaper (?) compared to Burberry London (daw). pwede ^_^


A dream is a wish your heart makes. ^_^ (


Eclipse is already showing in the Phils. Naghihingalo na ako sa inggit T_T

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