Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hakone Open Air Museum

Ate Joy asked Basuraman and I if we wanted to join her and Kuya Roel in going to Hakone during the golden week. Though we've already been there we said yes since we haven't visited the Hakone Open Air Museum (at para masabi lang na nakapamasyal kami nung bakasyon). We chose to go there on Sunday since it was the only day that will not be raining. Since the trip was sudden, we weren't able to make reservations for the Romance Car. We decided to take the local train and bought the two-day Hakone pass in Odawara Station. Though we only planned to go to Hakone for 1 day we still got the two-day pass since the combined fares of the transportation in Hakone for a day is same with the two-day pass. The two-day pass is also unlimited, meaning you can use the specified transportations as many times as you want. After purchasing the passes we looked for a place to have breakfast. Kuya Roel wanted to eat at KFC but it's still close so we just ate at First Kitchen.

Trivia: Just like us Filipinos, Japanese also have abbreviations for things and places like pasukon for personal computer and Mcdo for Mcdonald's. And for the fastfood store First Kitchen it is Fakin. Wahleylung. I 'm just amused...?

Our first Fakin Breakfast!

Hakone Open Air Musuem

Set in the stunning landscape of Hakone, the Hakone Open-Air Museum opened in 1969 as the first open-air art museum in Japan. Constantly changing with the seasons, our spectacular grounds are the permanent home for approximately 120 works by well-known modern and contemporary sculptors. We also have 5 exhibition halls including the Picasso Pavilion, as well as pieces where children can play, a footbath fed by natural hot springs, and a variety of other facilities where our visitors can relax and enjoy the splendor of art in nature. (Source here)

Sunny clear sky with a temperature of 18-21 deg Celsius. The best day to enjoy an open air museum. Yeboi ^_^

We just love this pic. parang pang post card lang ^_^

koi no bori = carp streamer
We don't know what festival they are celebrating but we saw these kids inside the museum grounds carrying a mikoshi (portable Shinto shrine).

The Picasso Pavillion

I had to hold my leg with my right hand for my foot to reach that height. Ako na hindi flexible :P

me pretending to kick the silver ball. how pathetic eh?

Found this inside the vicinity of the museum. Beautiful ^_^
After exploring the Hakone Open Air Museum we went to Owakudani Station via Ropeway so that Kuya Roel and Basuraman can try the kurotamago (black egg). It is believed that eating one can add 7 years to your life. 

Say hello to Mt. Fuji. Taken at Owakudani Station.

And for our last destination we proceeded to Tougendai Station to take the sightseeing cruise of Lake Ashi. Perfect weather, great place and great company make a very tiring trip worth it ^_^

*Photos courtesy of Basuraman.

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