Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 18

June 19 - History repeated itself. A super typhoon on the day of my check-up again. But this time rain will start pouring at around 6-7pm so I still went to the clinic after work. Basuraman also texted me that he will wait for me at Kokubunji Station so we can go home together after my check-up. As I was walking on my way to the clinic, it rained so hard that my entire lower body almost got wet. Konting pagpag dito. Konting pagpag dun. Despite the heavy rain I was still on time for my appointment.

The clinic staff pointed me to the restroom so I can urinate and have a sample of my urine. This has been the procedure since my last 2 check-ups. I dunno if I just got engot but I can not find the cup/container! I asked Ms. Clinic Staff and showed me where it was. It was just on top of the water tank. Tanga lang.

Before the ultrasound Lola OB informed me of my chlamydia test and it was negative meaning the test is OK/normal. Here comes the good news. Goodbye transvaginal ultrasound. Yey to pelvic ultrasound! Finally. Baby did not make pakitang gilas and when it was time to get his/her picture Lola OB can not find the right angle. Ayun tuloy di mashado kita yung arms and legs niya. Anyway according to Lola OB, baby is growing normal and fine. I also discussed to her the papers that I will be needing when I go back to Philippines as well as the date of my departure. I also asked her if I can bring Basuraman on my next check-up so he can see baby in the ultrasound. She said yes and is looking forward to seeing Basuraman on July 10.

Typhoon Casualty...

Napakasakit Ate Charo.... Why o why Delilah?

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