Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 15-17

I thought I am already over with my nausea and "afternoon" sickness since I am on my fourth month. I was wrong. It's coming back again. Though it is not as frequent and bad during my first 3 months. I dunno why. I still  can not say that my appetite is back since there are still times that I don't feel like eating eventhough I am hungry. And when I like the food that I am eating I can not eat as much as I want because I'll be having stomachache later. Hay.

I was only 2 months pregnant when I started buying dresses. Actually they're not maternity dresses. Just plain dresses. And this week I looked for some maternity panties, tights and dresses in a store near our office called Nishi Matsuya. The store sells commodities for children and pregnant women. From clothes, to baby foods, to baby car seats and decaffeinated coffee for pregnant women. My ordinary panties and tights are starting to make my tummy irritated. While roaming around the store I saw this clothing for baby and I immediately thought that Basuraman will like it and will not have any second thought of buying it.

We still don't know if baby is a girl or a boy but one thing is for sure: he/she will wear that piece of clothing.

I call my maternity panties "Lola Panties" because they are soooooooo huge. The underwear can cover my whole tummy. From under the breasts downwards. Same with my maternity stockings. It was my first time to have and to wear those kind of undergarments. I love them! No more irritated tummy ^_^


khantotantra said...

ang cute naman nung dragon ball baby costume/apparel

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

just visit..


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