Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 14

May 22 - After a month Lola OB and I saw each other again for my next check-up. I kinda missed her. I had a chlamydia test for that day and I'll be getting the result on my next check-up which is next month. I was so ecstatic when I saw baby in the ultrasound. He/She has arms and legs! Baby was so malikot (I dunno if frisky is the right english word for malikot). Nagpakitang gilas ang bata. With matching sipa-sipa pa ^_^ I wish Basuraman was with me during that time so he can also see our baby moving. Next time I will ask Lola OB if Basuraman can come with me during my check-ups. I noticed that most of the pregnant women come to the clinic without company. All by themselves. After my ultrasound Lola OB read/showed me my blood tests. Thank God the test results were normal though there was a part of my test that was sort of lower than the normal count yet it was still considered normal. I forgot what it is. I am planning to ask her on my next check-up. I hope I will remember.

I was so thrilled when I talked to my mom via skype regarding baby's being so malikot during my ultrasound. And of course my mom was very happy too. She kept on asking if baby is a girl or a boy and I kept on telling her that it is too early to say. She's always asking me to show her how big my tummy is. I can't show her my tummy yet because it is big not because of baby but because of my taba. Maybe on my 6th month I can already show her my baby bump ^_^

From 65kg last April 24 my weight dropped to 64.5kg. But my tummy is getting bigger.

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khantotantra said...

next time, sama mo si sir basuraman :D

malapit-lapit na at may baby ka na aalagaan sikolets :D


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