Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hanami 2012

Last year we went to Shinjuku Gyoen Koen for hanami. This year we chose the Koganei park. According to Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association, it is the second largest park (famous for cherry trees) in Tokyo metropolitan area and has nearly 2,000 cherry trees inside the park. It is only a 30-minute bike ride from our place and there is a bus which stops directly at the entrance of the park. Compared to Shinjuku Gyoen Koen there is no entrance fee so we expected that there will be a lot of people.

It was Easter Sunday so we first heard mass at Fuchuu Catholic Church before going to the park. To our surprise the mass was in Japanese. Luckily the readings were read in English. And the rest in Japanese. I was so happy and amazed at the same time when I saw/heard Catholic Japanese singing praises and praying in unison. After the mass the priest and the sacristans gave Easter eggs which I wasn't able to have eventhough there were plenty of them. I asked Basuraman to get me an egg but he refused to get me one. All of a sudden I wasn't in the mood to have an Easter egg. Basuraman and I together with Wyn and his wife took the bus while the rest of the gang (parang Scooby Doo lang) rode their bikes to get to Koganei Park.

I was a little bit disapponted (konti lang naman) when I saw the park because it was jam packed. And the sakura (cherry blossoms) were not in full bloom yet. After walking for a few minutes we were able to spot a small vacant area where we placed our mat so we can already have our lunch.

Hindi mahulugan ng karayom...

Thank you Costco for our lunch ^_^

Compared to our hanami last year in Shinjuku, Koganei park was very lively. There were various performers singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

I want to have a hat like that!

This little guy was apologizing for stepping on Ate Joy's foot.
Honestly speaking I enjoyed the view last year in Shinjuku because there were more sakura trees in full bloom compared to Koganei park. Also the place was not that crowded. Maybe because the garden was really spacious, you have to pay an entrance fee and it's a little bit far from the train station. If we're still in Japan next year I'll bring Basuraman to Shinjuku because he will definitely enjoy taking pictures of the park.

Our first hanami...with baby inside ^_^

*Photos courtesy of Basuraman.


khantotantra said...

ang ganda ng place jan sa japan lalo na iba yung colors ng mga puno, hindi green kundi white or sometimes pink dahil sa mga cherry blossoms. :D

Kayni said...

japan is still a dream place to visit for me.


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