Monday, July 5, 2010

bloom bloom shakalakalaka bloom: the repeat

pics of flowers i took the day before yesterday, yesterday and today. because flowers = love ^_^

drenched from the night's rain

friday. took these pictures while walking  my way to our office. i had to leave my bike in the office that day because of the heavy rain.

saturday. while on my way to the sports center where we play badminton, i saw this lovely red hibiscus (gumamela).

no availble court. courts will be available by 11:30am. it was only 9:00am. back to our apartment.

after our badminton game i saw this  flower right before descending the stairs.

more hydrangeas

before crossing the street i saw this...

yellow version of the previous picture (?)

flowers for sale at CONAN

sunday. walking gives you the chance to see these beauties :)

all pictures were taken using my phone's (crappy) camera. i wish i had my digicam during those times that i saw the flowers.

sayang. tsk.

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