Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guten Morgen Leser

-played badminton tonight for 1.5 hrs. at the strike of 9pm we reminded ourselves that we have work tomorrow.

-emailed PAL if i can still redeem my miles. basuraman forgot to give my mabuhay miles number when he purchased my ticket.

-wasn't able to get the vehicle in the South Africa mission of Mafia Wars. (ayoko ng mag-mafia wars. hmp)

-getting bored with facebook.

-looking forward to the next episode of True Blood S3.

-can't wait for the next season of Gossip Girl  and Vampire Diaries.

-will try to continue watching Spartacus. (the blood.ugh)

-i promised to sleep early today. promises are made to be broken.

-i just love the simpsons. ay caramba!

-my hair badly needs a trim.


i love these kids! they are sooooooooo cool! yeah!


9 na tulog na lang jollibee na naman
araw ay lulubog sa agosto mabubusog :)

pag may nakita akong mascot ni jabi papapicture ako promise!!!

because jabi is LOVE ^_^

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