Monday, July 19, 2010

because curling is a serious business

yesterday i woke up at 8am just to curl my hair. we were going to a birthday party (hektwali dakilang sabit lang ako) that day and we have to leave our place by 10:30am. gusto ko lang umarte. kahit 1 year old lang yung may kaarawan ^0^
i was surfing the net and talking to basuraman while curling my hair. multitasking ^_^

i wore the most comfortable shirt i've ever worn in my entire life. bought it at uniqlo. sakto naka-sale. at dahil children's party i partnered the shirt with my jumper skirt and crocs.

we were supposed to meet someone at the train station since we do not know where the exact place is. i was kinda surprised when i saw that someone in formal attire. ang formal yata nung party sabi ko kay mommy joy. patay. i was underdressed if ever. kuya roel didn't know either. so we walked for like 15mins and i was sweating like a pig when we reached the place. ang ineeeeeeet!

eto na ang catch:

as we entered the building i saw a small sign saying the schedule of a christian sunday worship service. kinabahan nako. my instinct was correct as i heard a pastor talking as we were climbing the stairs. anakngtutangbaog. we were going to that sunday service. what happened was the birthday celebration was to be held after the service.

i am not a devout catholic but i know my faith. i am open to these kind of invitations but they should have informed us properly and not this way. feeling ko inambush kami. they were even asking us if we wanted to be baptized that day. before the service ended the pastor asked us to go infront for blessings/prayers. out of respect we did what he said. then after praying he asked us if we believe in God. of course we do. then he asked us if we wanted our sins to be washed away and be baptized. at that moment we didn't answer. it was too much. if he will be asking the question directly to me i have an answer. to cut the long story short after eating we immediately left and didn't participate to the rest of their activities.

habang pinapagalitan ni mommy joy si daddy roel because of the incident we decided to go to the mall para magpalamig.

on the lighter side of the news...ehem ehem

i was looking for a swimwear since basuraman and i are planning to go to a beach on my vacation. wish ko lang walang basyang during my vacay.

kung hindi masyadong mahal wala namang size para sa akin. hay.

before going home i saw this on a bread shop. kawaii!

parang hindi ko sila kayang kainin sa kakyutan :)

pinagtitripan namin ni mommy joy yung name ng mall. ang hirap kasi tandaan.

ako: saan kayo nagpunta? : sa the mall!
ako: ah ok. saang mall? sa the mall!
ako: ano nga pangalan ng mall? the mall!

we dropped by at KFC to buy chicken for dinner. the store was located inside a train station (forgot the name of the station).
discounted kaya kami bibili :)

ayoko na yata pumunta sa mga birthday party. natrauma yata ako.

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