Sunday, July 18, 2010

OC about codes

time check. 4am. and i am still awake.

after talking to a drunk friend via skype i decided to place some stuff to my almost-virgin-blog. after 2 hrs of clicking, searching, copying, pasting, etc. i already finished what has to be done.

i didn't imagine that i would be editing html codes. i mean i don't do html codes (read: 0%knowledge) and because of my OC-ness i even have to search for a simple tutorial about aligning graphic tags and placing link on a picture. jeeeez.

anyway at least i learned something new today. actually i find html codes interesting. one of these days i might start studying 'em ^_^

got to sleep. have a birthday party to attend to later.

ohayou gozaimasu nippon!


MuntingBisiro said...

nice! Masaya talaga ang html. munting bisiro is actually an html expert(nagbuhat na naman ako ng sarili kong bangko, pasensya. hahaha). At dahil regular ka sa blog ko ay tutulungan kita!

MiDniGHt DriVer said... sino naman yung drunk friend na yun.. baliw ka.. hehe beep beep

sikoletlover said...

@MuntingBisiro - huwaw! naniniwala naman ako sa sinabi mo :) pm kita minsan. tenchu!

@M.driver - hde ko sasabihin. walang clue. haha


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