Saturday, July 17, 2010

hold on

are they dying?

i hope not. i can't take it. nooooooooooooo!

too much sunlight, insufficient/too much water, insufficient soil. these might be some of the reasons why their leaves are turning yellow. or maybe the nutrients they are getting from the soil are not enough to supply the needs of the plants. i just hope i can still harvest the fruits before they totally die. pakinabangan ko man lang sila noh!

aren't they lovely? ;)

lonely tomato

i dunno if someone or something is picking 'em. everyday a flower is disappearing. we'll see tomorrow. wag kang magpapakita saking hayup ka >:(

after watering them i removed the yellow leaves and repositioned them again.
my tomatoes are soooo tall and skinny. hde nagmana sakin :P around 3-4 inches to go and my tomatoes are taller than me 0_0 as a sacrifice i won't be using the AC for the meantime (tiis muna sa efan) because it might further damage the one near it.

i already placed the bitter gourds at the veranda near the washing machine. will be taking some pics tom. used some of its leaves when i cooked balatong/ginisang munggo :) around 5 pieces nga lang LOL

aaaaah.... a good stress reliever :) try it!

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