Sunday, July 25, 2010

fly fly the butterfly

i still have to be awake in the next 2hrs to catch the PAL midnight special. i just hope that the flight dates that i need are still available.

i haven't flown in any domestic flights in the Phils. so it would be my first time :) been reading reviews about the other airlines and some are really scary. just like the one i've read regarding Zest Airways.

"you fly as an asian, you will land as a spirit" (Zest Airways is formerly known as Asian Spirit) - scary
and they have planes that crashed in Caticlan airport(?). Ugh.

i'd rather pay more than pay less and put my life in jeopardy.

out of 20 persons that gave a comment on Cebu Pacific only 1 person gave a nice one. all most flights of Cebu Pacific were delayed.

a big GOODLUCK to me...

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