Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remus Story as told by his Father (Repost)

REMUS FUENTES died of multiple organ failures as result of heatstroke two days after he ran the 21K in the recent 34th Milo Marathon last Sunday, July 4, 2010.
His death was the result of fatal mistakes, sheer incompetence and gross negligence in the event organized by the Organizing Team.

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the first thing that got my attention as i opened my facebook account. i immediately clicked the link . i almost got goosebumps after reading Remus' story. i have this urge to share the link in my fb account and also in my blog. maybe because i have friends who are runners too and i do not want this incident happening to them. running is supposedly to be fun right? it shouldn't be bringing death. Persons/organization liable to the death of this person should be punished.

i am not a runner but i am still a human being. i know i don't have many readers  but i hope this entry, in one way or another, can help Mr. Fuentes' family in spreading his story.

to my friend runners, to the runners who have read the story, to those who knew someone who runs, as everybody would say in the article, please check the organizing committee and take extra extra precautions on your next run. Godbless us all....

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